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  Free Online Dating: What you should expect
If you are interested in free online dating you are among great company. Over the past few years, the free online dating industry has really taken off...
[ More ] Reads | By robertpalmer

  Online Dating: Getting Started Despite the Unknown
Why is it that so many people avoid online dating? After all, if you are struggling to meet others this may be your best bet. If you are like most peo...
[ More ] Reads | By robertpalmer

  6,000 Women Have Their Say
In an ongoing effort to truly understand the...
[ More ] Reads | By Dan Powers

  Divorces of the rich and famous
Celebrities, such as these, are accused of setting trends for others to emulate. But this is not true. The extremely just legal scenario of the UK is ...
[ More ] Reads | By jameswalsh

  Taking the Neighbor Out of Neighborhoods
Having just recently returned to my childhood neighborhood in Baltimore, I couldn't help but notice how much things have changed since I left. Growing...
[ More ] Reads | By wthomas46

  Get with the programme: reaping the rewards of loyalty schemes
Conscientious, bargain hunting shoppers have long heralded the virtues of shopping around in order to get the best deal, But these days, brand loyalty...
[ More ] Reads | By aregan

  Inconsistent Visitation by the non-resident parent
In February 2007, a shocking news from Austria rocked the world. After her divorce, the lawyer mother of three girls kept them locked up in the house ...
[ More ] Reads | By jameswalsh

  War in Iraq
"The War in Iraq started in March 2003, with an invasion of Iraq by a coalition of forc...
[ More ] Reads | By gale_group2000

  Tell Your Successful Love Story to the Whole World
In the 21st century, web log (popularly known as blog) is no more a mysterious concept for online users. Since the launch of blog creating software by...
[ More ] Reads | By Davidson

  Fighting the Credit Card Plague

It has been estimated that cigarettes kill 1200 people per day. What this actually means is that 1200 people die from smoking related illnesses lik...

[ More ] Reads | By glunt711

  The Divorce Process and Laws in California
In the 1960s, California surpassed New York to become the most populous state in the nation, a position it continues to hold. California has always be...
[ More ] Reads | By jameswalsh

  Marital Separation and Bad Habits
Man, Woman and Child

A marital separation affects not only the lives of the two people who sign all those papers leading up to the ...
[ More ] Reads | By jameswalsh

  Front Sight, Gun Safety, Gun Control, Responsibility
It is an unfortunate testament to our times that most everyone in America is familiar with the schools named Columbine, Littleton and Southwood not be...
[ More ] Reads | By JaydenAdams

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