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  Why are single Christians turning to the World?
Non-Christians are going to wonder why I seem to be putting you down in this article but the truth is that I...
[ More ] Reads | By RicardoBlack

  Online Dating Tips: A Guide To Virtual Relationships
It used to be quite the laughing matter when someone was coerced into admitting that they had tried one of the various online dating services. It was...
[ More ] Reads | By wancolin

  How to attract women in chat rooms
The Internet gives access to chatting rooms where one can find people of one...
[ More ] Reads | By stemiles

  Schindler's Way
There is more than one way to actively fight tyranny. The obvious way is to stage a massive demonstration, where the protestors are subjected to being...
[ More ] Reads | By glunt711

  King Quotes Garner Inspiration
Here is a small trivia challenge for you. Who said, "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere"? If you guessed Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr....
[ More ] Reads | By Dsnap

  The Micro and Macro Worlds of Thea Alexander
Thea Alexander wrote a book called 2150 AD, originally published in 1976. She describes a fascinating world that includes two parts consisting of the ...
[ More ] Reads | By dsnape01

  Self Defense: Pepper Spray-Why It Is So Effective
When it comes to non lethal self defense weapons pepper spray is right up there at the top of popularity for two main reasons: ease of use and effecti...
[ More ] Reads | By Jack Krohn

  Understanding Green Card
The United States Permanent Resident Card, better understood as the Green Card, is the identification card of individuals who live permanently in the ...
[ More ] Reads | By blog_maintenance

  Which Came First: Santa or the Christmas Tree?
You think Santa Claus and decorated trees when you think Christmas, right? The Jolly One probably comes first as the number one symbol of the holiday,...
[ More ] Reads | By rstocklin

  The Secret History of Santa Claus
Santa Claus is one old dude. We all know that. Just look at how white his beard and hair are, right? But did you know that the legend of Santa Claus, ...
[ More ] Reads | By rstocklin

  Why should single Christians seek to be married?
This may seem like an obvious question but we often come across confused single Christians wondering whether God wants them to be married or with wron...
[ More ] Reads | By RicardoBlack

  Being Successfully Single Until the Right One Comes Along!
Our planet is brimming with a random lottery of people; undeniably though, finding true love can be considered a risky business. Love is supposed to b...
[ More ] Reads | By anhtdvn

  Find your Soulmate
Soulmate. Once upon a time we wondered if we were ever going to meet our own. We ask if the one we are with right now is the one truly meant for us. T...
[ More ] Reads | By anhtdvn

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