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  How will Chinas energy consumption effect the West?
China has 1.3 billion people living within its borders and an economy growing at over 10% per year. For energy consumption to keep pace with economic ...
[ More ] Reads | By GreenDave

  Globalization and Poverty
Many farmers who traditionally grew pulses and millets and paddy have been lured by seed companies to buy hybrid cotton seeds and other GM crops, whic...
[ More ] Reads | By GreenDave

  Foreign workers in the USA and UK
In the USA recently over 1 million immigrants, both legal and illegal protested at there lack of rights and residency in a country that many of them h...
[ More ] Reads | By GreenDave

  Why do Refugees Flee to the USA and UK?
This means that any person has a legal right to come to that country and claim asylum.

The asylum process differs from country to country a...
[ More ] Reads | By GreenDave

  Astrology's Composite Chart and Your Relationship Roadmap
The Composite Chart of a Couple Reveals Valuable Information on the Relationship Itself

Astrological compatibility
is determined fir...
[ More ] Reads | By robertpalmer

  Why Western Men Choose Russian Women
What do all men look for in a bride? Good looks, understanding, loving, homely and very feminine, well these are some of the common characteristics wh...
[ More ] Reads | By robertpalmer

  Cheating Online; Infidelity Finds a New Frontier on the Internet
Cheating in our society has become very prevalent. It is like the white elephant in the room no one wants to talk about. It is nothing new. For as lon...
[ More ] Reads | By jv1025

  Africa Today including Madonnas Adoption
in the past few months we have had the attempted assassination of the Somali President, the invasion of Northern Somali towns by Ethiopian troops, con...
[ More ] Reads | By GreenDave

  Why Russian Women seek Foreign Men
Single Russian women, who are looking to marry a Western man, are looking for simple things....
[ More ] Reads | By robertpalmer

  Fun Bridal Shower Favor and Games Ideas
The bridal shower is traditionally a day that celebrates the bride and the beginning of her new life. The shower is usually hosted by the maid or matr...

  Study Determines that American Muslims are Succeeding
In the 18-24 categories other Americans and Muslim Americans were similarly likely to vote. In the elderly category of 70-years-old and older only 4% ...
[ More ] Reads | By Mali74

  Revive a valued relationship: reasons why a people finder is strategic
Searching for someone through an intricate range of various data banks, from telephone books and address inventories to church records and online data...
[ More ] Reads | By RickMartin

  Does finding your soulmate mean bliss?
Does finding a soul mate necessarily ensure perfect happiness for the rest of your life? We shall try to answer this question in a manner as unbiased ...
[ More ] Reads | By Robert99

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