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Article Posted By Author: tfwriter
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  Message Board Security Problems
Security leaks can be a big problem for any site using a message board. Hackers can actually use your message board to go in and change things on your...
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  The Importance of Website Stats
One of the best tools you have as a webmaster is your website statistics. The most popular site stats programs are Awstats, Webalizer, and Analog. Usu...
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  The Definition of Spam
Spam can bring down your website faster than a speeding bullet, but what is spam? Originally, spam referred to unwanted emails. We all hate the tons o...
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  Link Trades That Waste Your Time
Never has competition been so difficult in the Internet world. Google and Yahoo keep indexing more and more pages, into the millions upon millions, an...
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  What to Look for in a Web Host
The first questions you have to ask yourself are: how much space and bandwidth do I need; do I want one site or several sites; how much will I have to...
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  Time Travel To the Attack on Pearl Harbor
Few events have rocked the world like the attack on Pearl Harbor. 9/11 was the first event in several decades to rival the sense of loss and tragedy. ...
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  No Excuse on Getting in Shape
America is getting more obese every year. Even our children are becoming dangerously obese, even though we are more self conscious over our appearance...
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  Andy Griffith Show Family Lessons
Although it might seem pretty corny to a lot of folks today, the old Andy Griffith Show really did have a lot of common sense family values that we co...
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  Movie Industry Asks Grandpa for $600,000 for Four Movies
A 67-year-old man was sued by the movie industry for his 12 year old grandson's movie downloads. Apparently, the kid downloaded four movies - three of...
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  Why Spider-Man is the Number One Movie Superhero
Spider-Man the movie came out in 2002, breaking records with a over $114 million in one weekend. It finished with over $400 million in the US alone. T...
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