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City Profile - Amravati

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» Accent City: Amravati » State :Maharashtra » Region : 16 » Surface Area : 12,210 sq km
» STD Code :721 » Currancy : Indian Rupee (INR) » Local Time : IST (+5.5 GMT)
Population : 2200057

Language : Marathi, Hindi and English

Religion : Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist

Latitude : 20.933333

Longitude : 77.75

Climate :

As far as the climate of the city is concerned, one can notice extreme variations in the temperatures. The summers in Amravati are very hot, last from March to June and are characterized by dry heat. The summer temperature in the city has gone up to as high as 50 deg C. On the other hand, we have the winter season, which lasts from November to March and during which, the temperature dips to as low as 15 deg C.

The monsoon season in the city lasts for approximately 3-4 months, comprising of June, July, August and September. Of these, the maximum as well as continuous rainfall is received, from the South Westerly monsoons, in the months of July and August. The best time to visit Amravati is during the month of October to March. It comprises of the winter season in the city, when the weather is at its very best and is ideal from the point of view of roaming around.

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Genral Information - Amravati

Amravati city is situated 340 m above from the sea level. Pohara & Chirodi hills are in the east of the city. Maltekdi is one of the hills which is inside the city. The hight of Maltekdi is around 60 m & the statue of great maratha kind, Shri Shivaji Maharaj is placed on the top of the hill. There are two lakes in the eastern part of the city, namely, Chhatri Talao & Wadali Talao. The city is located in the East Maharashtra on the altitude of 20o 56' north & 77o 47' east. It is the main centre of west Vidarbha. It is on the Mumbai-Calcutta high way.

Udumbaravati was the encient name of today's Amravati. It was due to the presence of ample number of Audumber trees in the region. The name was further abbrevated as Umbravati, Umravati & Amravati. The city grown up rapidly at the end of 18 th century due to the growth in businesses. It was one of the richest town of the area.

History :

Amravati division roughly corresponds to the former province of Berar, which was ceded to Hyderabad State by the Maratha Maharajas of Nagpur in 1803. In 1853, it was occupied by the British, who decided to administer the state. In 1903, it was added to the British-administered Central Provinces, which was renamed Central Provinces and Berar. Upon Indian independence, the Central Provinces and Berar were reorganized as the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. In 1956 the Indian states were reorganized on linguistic grounds, and Amravati and Nagpur divisions were transferred to Bombay State, which was split on linguistic lines into the states Maharashtra and Gujarat in 1960.

Place To See :

Ambadevi Temple
Situating in the heart of Amravati city, it is believed that Shri Krishna abducted Rukmini, from this temple, and married her. Goddess Amba attracts devotees from different parts of Vidarbha.

Satidham Temple
Situating in the heart of the city at Rallies Plot, the temple has beautiful idols of Lord Krishna and Radha, Lord Ram and Sita, Lord Ganesh, Lord Shiva and Rani Satiji. A fair is organized on the occasion of Janmashthami every year. Huge devotees attend the fair.

Shri Bhakti Dham Temple
Situating at Amravati Badnera Road, the temple has beautiful idols of Lord Krishna and Radha. There is also an idol of Shri Sant Jalaram Bappa. There is a small park for children behind this temple.

Chatri Talao
Situating 1 km away from Dasturnagar Square on the Malkhed Railway Road, it was built in the year 1888 on a small spring called Kali Nadi. This small reservoir was built to supply drinking water to Amravati city. However, Amravati gets water from Upper Wardha Dam now. A small garden and boating facility is also available here.

Wadali Talao
Situating 3 km away from the Amaravati Camp on Chandur Railway Road, it was built for clean and fresh water supply to Amravati Camp. There is a small garden with a zoo here. People usually come here during weekends and enjoy boating. This is one of the best places for kids.

How Get There :

By Air
Nagpur is the nearest airport, which is 155-km away from Amaravati.

By Rail
Nagpur is the terminus of the branch line of Central Railway on Mumbai-Kolkotta main line. Tourists can access Amaravati from Nagpur.

By Road
Regular buses connect Amaravati with the important towns and cities within the state.

Accomodation :Government and private hotels are available at Amaravati. Events :

Some of the major festivals celebrated in the Amareswara temple are the Maha Shivaratri, falling on the 'Magha Bahula Dasami'. Other festivals celebrated are the Navaratri and the 'Kalyana Utsavas'.

City District Population
Amravati Amravati 2200057
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