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City Profile - Chandrapur

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» Accent City: Chandrapur » State :Maharashtra » Region : 16 » Surface Area : 1560 sq. km
» STD Code :7172 » Currancy : Indian Rupee (INR) » Local Time : IST (+5.5 GMT)
Population : 226,105

Language : Marathi, Hindi and English

Religion : Muslim, Hindu

Latitude : 19.95

Longitude : 79.3

Climate :

The temperature starts decreasing from the month of October. December is the coldest month. The mean maximum temperature during December is 28.2°C and mean minimum is 11.6°C. The southern part is comparatively warmer than the north, which ranges between 29.6°C and 14.6°C. The lowest recorded temperature in the north is 3°C and 8°C in the south. The daily mean temperature starts rising from the month of February, and May is the peak summer month when mean maximum temperature goes up to 43°C and minimum temperature is 28°C to 29°C. According to the temperature records of 2009, the temperature of chandrapur has crossed 49°C in the month of may. In severe heat conditions, the temperature is among the highest temperatures in the South Asian region. However, temperature starts reducing after May due to the onset of the monsoon, which lasts from June to September when it is hot and humid.

The average annual rainfall is about 1420 mm. The eastern part receives more rainfall than the west. The average number of rainy days is 60 to 65 throughout the district. The relative humidity is very high during monsoon season, which exceeds 70%, but after monsoon season it goes down rapidly and in summer it is only 20%.

The prominent wind direction is from south to north. In summer the wind direction is from east to south and, during the monsoon, from south to east. During winter, the wind direction changes from north to east. Frequently it is characterized by the blowing of wild and violent winds, heralding the approach of the hot season which lasts till the middle of June.

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Genral Information - Chandrapur

Chandrapur formerly known as Chanda is a city situated in eastern Maharashtra state, Central India. Wardha River flows near the city. Chandrapur was the capital of the Gond dynasty from the 12th to the 18th century and was later conquered by the Maratha Bhosles from Nagpur. It formed part of the British Central Provinces from 1854 until Indian independence in 1947. The tombs of the Gond kings and several temples are in the town. The district Chandrapur was earlier known as 'Chanda' according to tradition and legend the name of the place was 'Lokapura' which was first changed to ' Indpur' and subsequently to Chandrapur. During the British colonial period it was called Chanda district, which was again changed to its original name 'Chandrapur ' around 1964. Other places of the region in ancient times include wairangad, Kosala, Bhadravati and Markanda.

History :

In ancient times Chanda include Wairangad, Kosala, Bhadravati and Markanda. Hindu and Buddhist kings are said to have ruled the area for a long time, Later on Gonds overtook Mana Naga Chiefs who ruled Chanda around 9th century and Gond Kings ruled the area till 1751 after which Maratha period started.

In the 18th century, the district became part of the dominions of the Bhonsle Maratha Maharajas of Nagpur. At the conclusion of the Third Anglo-Maratha War, the Bhonsle state of Nagpur became a princely state of British India. In 1853, when the Bhonsle Maharaja died without a direct male heir, the British annexed the kingdom, which became Nagpur Province. of British India. Nagpur Province was merged into the newly-constituted Central Provinces in 1861. Chandrapur District, then known as Chanda District.

In 1854, Chandrapur was an independent district and in 1874, it comprised the three tehsils Viz Mul, Warora and Bramhpuri. In 1874, however, the upper Godavai district of Madras was abolished and four tehsils were added to Chandrapur to form one tehsil with Sironcha as its headquarters. In 1895, the headquarters of one tehsil transferred to Mul to Chandrapur. A new tehsil with headquarter at Gadchoroli was created in 1905 by transfer of zamindari estates from Bramhpuri and Chandrapur tehsil. An small zamindari tract from Chandrapur district was transferred to newly formed districts in 1907. In the same year an area of about 1560 square kilometers comprising three divisions of the lower Sironcha tehsil (namely Cherla, Albak and Nugir) were transferred to Madras State.

After India's independence in 1947, the former Central Provinces became the new Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. No major changes occurred in the boundaries of the district or its tehsils between 1911-1955.

The Indian states were reorganized along linguistic lines in 1956, and the largely Marathi-speaking Chandrapur District was transferred from Madhya Pradesh to became part of Mumbai State.

In the same year, Rajura tehsil, a part of Adilabad district of Hydrabad state, was transferred to Nanded district subsequently it was transferred to Chandrapur district in 1959. The district became part of the Maharashtra since its creation in May 1960.

Chandrapur district comprises 15 taluka, namely Chandrapur, Ballarpur, Rajura, Bhadravati, Warora, Chimur, Nagbhid, Bramhapuri, Sindewahi, Mul, Sawali, Gondpipri, Gadchandur, Korpana and Pombhurna.

For administrative convenience and industrial and agricultural development the district was again divided into Chandrapur and Gadchiroli districts after 1981 census. Chandrapur district now comprises the tehsil of Chandrapur , Bhadravati, Warora, Chimur, Nagbhir, Bramhpuri, Sindhewahi, Mul, Gondpipri, Pomburna, Saoli, Rajura, Korpana, Jivati, and Balharshah mitul.

Place To See :

Tadoba National Park and Andhari Tiger Project (45 km away) are the places of interests around Chandrapur city. Ramala Talav Garden is newly developed place for all ages, especially for kids. Sri Mahakali Temple, Jain Temple at Bhadrawati, and Somnath are famous worship places of this city

Ancient Caves
There are nine ancient caves dating back to the eighth century in Chandrapur. It is believed that the caves were first carved out somewhere during the 8th century. Buddhist monks later used these caves. A large number of Buddhist sculptures can be seen engraved in these caves.

Chaprala Wildlife Sanctuary
Chaprala Wildlife Sanctuary spreads over an area of 134.78 sq km. The main attraction of this sanctuary is Giant Indian Squirrels. Best Time to visit this sanctuary is February to May. Prashand Dham at Chaprala, Chaprala Temple, and Markanda Temple are not far from this sanctuary.

How Get There :

By Air
Nearest airport is at Nagpur, 150-kms away.

By Rail
Chandrapur is approachable by train on Delhi-Chennai route via Nagpur, which takes about two and half-hours to reach.

By Road
Located on major rail and road routes Chandrapur is well connected with all the places in the state. There are also regular private and government buses from Nagpur to Chandrapur.

Accomodation :

The Indian city of Chandrapur offers ample accommodation options. In terms of hotels you may choose from government approved and various hotels in Chandrapur. For your convenience we offer list of hotels in Chandrapur. Most of the premier areas in Chandrapur have been covered in the hotel directory of Chandrapur.

Hotel Ganpati International
165 km from Nagpur Airport; 0 km from Chandrapur Railway Station; 0.5 km from Chandrapur Bus Stand

Hotel Kundan Plaza
3 Star (Government Approved) 150 km from Nagpur Airport; 4 km from Chandrapur Railway Station; 3 km from Chandrapur Bus Stand

Events :

Mahakali Mandir in Chandrapur is an icon for Chandrapur. It is symbolic to Chandrapur City and it has prominent place in the heart of people of Chandrapur. Devotes visit Mahakali Mandir every day but Tuesdays are special days to visit Mahakali mandir. There is a small Ganesha temple and Hannuman temple inside the Mahakali Mandir premises . There are two entrances for the temple. The rear entrance has Ganesh and Hanuman temple. Both the entrances have small shops for puja supplies like coconut, flowers and cloth. We get lot of other things for home décor & puja décor items all the time near the temple. There is also Shani temple next to the rear entrance.

There are two idols (murthys) in the Mahakali Mandir. One standing murthy is the main idol decorated with red, yellow and orange color cloths. The main idol also associated with Shiv Ling. The second murthy is reclining position. The second idol is actually below the ground level and to reach there, devotes need to walk in kind of a tunnel.

Inside the temple the priest will be always there to assist you with puja and offerings. Every year there is a fair during the month of April, during that period all the devotes from different parts of state visit the Mahakali Mandir. Now there is a trust formed to take care of temple administration. There were lot of improvements to the amenities of the temple in last decade. Temple authority has made dharmashalas for devotes to help them stay near the temple for free who travels from distant places of the Chandrapur district .

The annual fair that used to happen in the month of April used to be a big festival for the devotees of Mahakali and also for Chandrapur people. There used to be lots of activities and events for all the ages and used to be a time for joy and fun for all the people. There used to be shops selling kitchen gadgets, toys, bangles, imitation jewellry, cloths. Entertainers used to come from different parts of Chandarpur district and various parts of Maharastra state to show entertain the people and show their skills. There used to be small magic shows and circus. The kids used to wait for all the year for this event and which makes it a memorable festival for the family and kids.

City District Population
Chandrapur Chandrapur 226,105
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