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City Profile - Mandawa

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» Accent City: Mandawa » State :Rajasthan » Region : 24 » Surface Area : 5 sq. km
» STD Code :1592 » Currancy : Indian Rupee (INR) » Local Time : IST (+5.5 GMT)
Population : 20717

Language : Hindi, English and Rajasthani

Religion : Islam, Hindu

Latitude : 28.05

Longitude : 75.15

Climate :

Like most of the other places in north India, Mandawa too has an extreme climate. The summers can be very hot with the mercury touching 40.5�C, whereas winters can be chilly and the temperature can fall below 10�C. The best season to visit this place is winter i.e. October to March. The annual rainfall is between 45 to 60 cm. Recommended clothing is light tropical for summer and light woolen for winter.

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Genral Information - Mandawa

Mandawa, located in the heart of the Shekhavati region, is a small beautiful town in the state of Rajasthan. Mandawa gives the impression of a bygone era as you can find several magnificent havelis and stunning castles all throughout the place. Shekhavati region was better known for the merchants and their products which they usually traded. They decided to settle here in the 18th century and started constructing beautiful buildings and havelis for their dwelling places.

Each haveli at Mandawa is unique in the sense that none of the rooms of the havelis have any similarities. The intricate craftsmanship and the stunningly beautiful arches found here can hardly be equaled with any other place in Rajasthan. Antique murals and beautiful paintings are featured on these havelis. Earlier these designs were ornate with precious gems.

The medieval Fort of Mandawa is also among the tourist attractions in Mandawa. The Fort, founded way back in the 18th century, makes its presence felt with its beautiful painted arched getaways and splendid carvings. Saraf haveli, Ladia havelis and Chokhani havelis are some of the famous havelis of Mandawa.

If you want to see some paintings, which are out of ordinary, then Binsidhar Newatia Haveli is the place for you. You will come across some curios paintings on the outer eastern wall of this haveli. There are images of a European woman in car, which is being driven by a chauffeur and of a boy using a telephone. Some defaced erotic images are also visible on the Gulab Rai Ladia Haveli.During your Mandawa tours you can go for excursions to places like the Mukundgarh fort, the Nawalgarh fort and Dundlod.

Manadawa is accessible by air, rail and road. Since it has emerged as a major tourist destination, hence finding accommodation in Mandawa is also convenient. If you want to experience the true spirit of Mandawa, you can try out one of the heritage hotels available here. Travelers who are on shoe string budgets, they can easily opt for the budget class hotels available at Mandawa.

History :

One of the beautiful towns in Rajasthan is Mandawa located 167 kilometers from Jaipur. Nestled in the rugged and arid Aravallis, Mandawa is one of the beautiful historical towns that is famous for its grand Havelis and Forts. offers online information on History of Mandawa and other tourist attractions of India.

Situated in the Shekhawati region of Rajasthan, Mandawa has preserved its Rajasthani charm and grandeur. From the paved archways, deigned forts and intricate craftsmanship of the Rajput artisans Mandawa is the ideal destination for tourists on their tour to Rajasthan. One of the busy market towns Mandawa was the stronghold of the Rajput merchants. Founded by the influential and affluent traders and businessmen of that era, Mandawa is famous for its grand and splendid Havelis that bear testimony to the bygone eras. Though the traders worked in different parts of the country, they built the palatial mansions in their hometown as a mark of their wealth and prosperity.

The history of Mandawa is all about these beautiful forts and Havelis. One of them being the Mandawa Fort. Built by the Shekhawati ruler, Nawal Singh, Mandawa Fort till today has preserved its glory and grandeur. Beautifully painted murals and paintings, arched doorways, pictures depicting mythological characters and domed structures recreate the vintage medieval ambience. It was around this Fort that the township of Mandawa slowly developed and tourists from all over come to visit this town in Rajasthan. Today the fort has been renovated into one of the heritage hotels of Rajasthan.

The history of Mandawa states that it was Mandu Jat who founded the Mandawa village. He was the one who founded this little village and dug a well over here which was completed in the year 1797. Previously Mandawa was called the “Mandu ki dhani”, then it became Mandu ka bas and finally it was changed to Mandawa.

The history of Mandawa is quite colorful. From beautifully painted murals and paintings to the intricately crafted designs, History of Mandawa speaks volumes about the Rajput craftsmanship. Also known as an open air art galley, Mandawa in Rajasthan in India is considered to be one of the artistically enriched Indian cities.

There are a number of interesting Havelis in Mandawa which include the Bhagchandika Haveli, Gulab Rai Ladia Haveli and Lakshmi Narayan Ladia Haveli and the Newtia Haveli. The other major tourist places are Harlalka Well, Thakurji Temple, Raj Well, Tanu Manu Saraf Haveli, Harlalka Chattri, Murmuria Haveli, Chowkhani Double Haveli, Akhramka Haveli, Sonthalia Gate, Goenka Double Haveli, Goenka Chattri and the Saraf Haveli.

The closest airport to Mandawa is Jaipur which is just 167 km from Mandawa. The nearest railway station to Mandawa is Jhunjhunu which is accessible from Jaipur, Bikaner and Delhi. You can take a drive from Jaipur to reach Mandawa. Mandawa is also accessible through a good network of roadways that connects it to the rest of the state.

Place To See :

Mandawa provides the visitors with a sense of discovery at every turn; battlements that offer spectacular views of the town below, a whimsical peacock weather van, and an arched window that overlooks the verdant garden visited by peacocks. Most importantly, the fact that no two rooms are alike in the palace here. In the zenana or women's quarters, one room offers antique murals, another has a marble fountain, and the turret room boasts of walls that are seven feet thick. Looking out from the window of the turret room, it is easy to imagine the marauding bandits that once roamed freely here. Little wonder then that the family crest contains the motto, 'Veer Bhogya Vasundhara', which translates into 'the brave shall inherit the earth.

Founded in the 18th century, the medieval fort of Mandawa dominates the town with a painted arched gateway adorned with Lord Krishna and his cows. The Chokhani and Ladia havelis and the street with Saraf havelis are some of the splendid examples of this region's havelis.

The Binsidhar Newatia Haveli has some curious paintings on its outer eastern wall-a boy using a telephone, and a European woman in a car driven by a chauffeur. The Gulab Rai Ladia Haveli has some defaced erotic images.

How Get There :

By Air
The nearest airport to Mandawa is the Jaipur airport which is about 168 km from here. So if you are planning to take a flight during your tours to Mandawa, you have to book flights for Jaipur. From hre, you can take a taxi or a bus to reach to travel to Mandawa. Reaching Jaipur from different corners of the country, like Mumbai, Delhi and Udaipur is easy as it is one of the most notable domestic airports.

By Rail
You can also access Mandawa by rail. Jhunjhunu rail station is in close proximity to Mandawa. If you are planning to travel to Mandawa by rail, then you can take a train from Delhi, Jaipur or Bikaner.

By Road
If you are traveling on a shoe string budget, then the best way to go on your Mandawa tours is by buses. You can find a very good network of roads in the entire Shekhawat region. Both government and private buses operate in the Mandawa region. When traveling in a group of four to five persons, you can also opt for hired taxis to move around the place.

Accomodation :

Hotel Castle Mandawa
The Castle Mandawa comprises of 51 rooms comprising of Royal Suites, Luxury Suites, Deluxe Rooms and Standard Rooms. It is noteworthy that no two rooms are alike in the historic hotel of Castle Mandawa.

Shopping :

The busy little market of Mandawa has many antique shops that sell local handicrafts and antiques. Before purchasing anything from these shops, it is better to confirm that it has not been taken out from the havelis of the region. Export of antiques older than 100 years is illegal and should not be done, for the sake of saving the heritage of this region.

Events :

Mandawa as a historical town has incorporated a lot from Rajasthan in general and Shekhawati in particular. The glorious history, the deep culture and colorful tradition of the region is apparent in every nook and corner of Mandawa, and in line with other neighboring region, Mandawa too celebrates various fairs & festivals with great fervor and excitement.

The most popular festival in Mandawa is indeed the Gangaur Festival. Its celebration starts a day prior to Holi and lasts till 18 days. Observed throughout Rajasthan, Gangaur Festival is dedicated to Goddess Parvati, the consort of Lord Shiva. The legend associated with the festivals is that it is observed to mark the arrival of Lord Shiva to escort his bride home. The womenfolk of the villages dress up in their traditional attire and join the procession that passes through the streets carrying beautifully adorned images of goddess Parvathi.

While the maidens pray for the groom of their choice, the married women prays for the wellbeing of their husband. After the 18 day long festivities and tradition, the Gangaur festival culminates in a grand procession. The festival of Holi is also celebrated with great enthusiasm and fervor. The occasion is to celebrate the coming of the spring and the celebrations and rituals starts a week prior to the day of the festival. The entire village is caught in the fervor and rituals that mark Holi during the week-long festival. Other major festivals celebrated in the region are the Nagaur Fair, the Urs Fair, Baneshwar fair, summer festival and Shekhawati festivals.

City District Population
Mandawa Jhunjhunun 20717
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