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City Profile - Osmanabad

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» Accent City: Osmanabad » State :Maharashtra » Region : 16 » Surface Area : 7512.4 sq. km
» STD Code :2472 » Currancy : Indian Rupee (INR) » Local Time : IST (+5.5 GMT)
Population : 85528

Language : Hindi, English

Religion : Muslim, Hindu

Latitude : 18.166667

Longitude : 76.05

Climate :

The rainy season starts from mid-June and continues till the end of September. The climate is humid in October and November and dry and cool from mid-November to January. From February to June the climate is dry and becomes increasingly hot. During summer the temperature of Osmanabad district is low compared to other districts of Marathwada region. The average annual rainfall in the district is 730 mm. Temperature Max.: 42.1 °C; Min.: 8 °C

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Genral Information - Osmanabad

Osmanabad district lies in the southern part of state. It lies on the Deccan plateau, about 600 m above sea level. Parts of the River Godavari and River Bhima flow through the district. The district is located on east side of Marathwada region within the range latitude 17.35 to 18.40 degrees north, and latitude 75.16 to 76.40 degrees east.

History :

The district place Osmanabad was earlier known as Dharashiv. The king of Hyderabad State, Nizam Osman Ali, renamed the city Osmanabad after himself in the beginning of the 20th century.

Lord Ram (of the epic Ramayan) is said to have spent some of his exile in parts of Osmanabad. As per historical evidences, the district was ruled by the Maurya, Satvahan, Rashtrakut, and Yadava dynasties. For a period of time, it was ruled by Mughal, Bahamani, Nizam and Adilshah kingdoms. Before the Hyderabad Nizam’s rule, it was under control of the Mughal King Aurangzeb.

Being under the Nizam rule, the district did not celebrate its freedom when the rest of India became independent in 1947. However, soon in 1948, Hyderabad State was merged with independent India and the district became a part of the then Mumbai District. It became a part of Maharashtra State when the State was formed in 1960.

Osmanabad was split into Osmanabad and Latur districts on 15th August 1982.

Habitat :

Osmanabad district is located in the southern part of the state of Maharashtra. Most of the area of the district is surrounded by Small Mountain called "Balaghat". Bhoom, Washi, Kalamb, Osmanabad & Tuljapur Tahsil lie in the range of this Balaghat Mountain. The district is surrounded by Solapur to the south-east, Ahmednagar to the North-West, Beed to the North, Latur district to the East and Bidar & Gulbarga districts of Karnataka to the South.

Place To See :

Tuljapur, Ramling, Andur, Sonari, Domgaon, Bhum, Kunthalgiri, Siddheshwar

How Get There :

By Air: Nearest airport is at Solapur (70 km). Solapur is linked to Mumbai by air. Pune is another airport nearby.

By Rail: Recently started new LATUR- MUMBAI Express via Osmanabad OSMANABAD railway station is 10km away from CITY, MSRTC(ST) started two or three buses daily from city to station- BAppA. Osmanabada is a important Railway Station on Kurduwadi-Latur Section of Central Raiway. Initially there was no railway route to Osmanabad.The Nearest railway station was Yedshi (22km) on Barshi Kurduwadi Narrow Gauge Route of Central Railway. During Gauge Conversion Work taking into account consistent public demand the Route of railway was change taking it to Osmanabad. The route was changed from Pangri to Yedshi via Osmanabad which was skipped in narrow gauge days. The section between Osmanabad & Pangir has two Tunnels (One is 1 km Long) and one viaduct is 40 meters tall.

By Road: State highways and metallic roads from the district headquarters at Osmanabad link all 8 tehsils (subdistricts) and major towns. A national highway passes through the district from Solapur, connecting Karnataka to Andhra Pradesh. Pune is 292 km and Mumbai is 452 km away from Osmanabad.

Accomodation :

Shree Samarth Hotel
Samarth Nagar

Siddharth Lodge
Near Osmanabad Bus Stand
Shivaji Chowk

Events :

The main annual fairs held in the district are: Tulja Bhavani at Tuljapur during Navaratri (September-October); Yermala fair at Kalamb tehsil during January; Sant Gorob fair at Ter; Ramlinga fair at Osmanabad; and Bhairvanath fair at Sonari Paranda.

City District Population
Osmanabad Osmanabad 85528
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