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The Bombay High Court Monday granted bail to Sooraj Pancholi accused of abetting the suicide of Bollywood actress Nafisa alias Jiah Khan.
Sooraj, son of actor Aditya Pancholi, has been ordered to pay a surety of Rs.50,000, surrender his passport and report to police whenever required for investigations. He was arrested June 11.


Top 5 best and worst ways to profess your love on Valentine’s Day

Wednesday - Feb 13, 2013, 02:59pm (GMT+5.5)
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Top 5 best and worst ways to profess your love on Valentine’s Day

Washington - Some say it with flowers, others prepare a deep, thought out speech before reaching for a big kiss on Valentine’s Day.
Quantified Impressions, a communications analytics company, set out to find out the best phrase for love on Valentine’s Day.
The Austin, Texas, based company asked 100 people to rank their favorites from the 20 most popular ways to say “I love you.”
Fifty men and 50 women also ranked their least favorite.
Men and women differed on their favorite Valentine’s Day phrase. Men’s top choice was “You are the love of my life!” while women preferred “You’re my soul mate and the love of my life.”
Both sexes agreed that “I think that I love you” is the worst way to express your love.
Noah Zandan, the president of the company, recommends keeping your Valentine’s Day expressions personal and simple.
“I’d want to make sure that I don’t over explain what I’m saying,” Zandan told ABC News.
He added that it’s best to be direct but not to have to provide reasoning behind what you’re saying since originality always helps.
Following are the top five best and worst phrases for “Valentine’s Day.”
Top 5 Favorite Best Ways to Say “I Love You”
1. You’re my soul mate and the love of my life.
2. You are the love of my life.
3. Life is incomplete without you.
4. You, sweetheart, are my one and only.
5. You take my breath away.
Top 5 Worst Ways to Say “I Love You”
1. You’re one hot babe!
2. When I see you, I think “Good job, God!”
3. You turn me on!
4. I think that I love you.
5. Lovingly yours.


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