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Reliance Communications has made full repayment of two loans amounting to $1 billion (around Rs 6,000 crore), during the quarter ended June 30.The repayments have been from the company's rupee resources.

Sci - Tech

College girls with heavy roommates gain less weight

Wednesday - Sep 22, 2010, 02:59pm (GMT+5.5)
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Washington (ANI) - College girls who have roommates who measure on the higher side of the weighing scale, tend to gain less weight during their freshman year than women with slimmer roommates, revealed a new University of Michigan study.

At half a pound versus 2.5 pounds, the difference compares to the typical freshman weight gain of 2.5-to-6 pounds-much less than the mythical "Freshman 15."

"This finding seems counterintuitive, but there are some good explanations for why it may be happening," said Kandice Kapinos, an assistant research scientist at the U-M Institute for Social Research.

According to Kapinos, a labour and health economist, heavier roommates are more likely than average-weight women to diet.

They also exercise more often and are more likely to use weight loss supplements and purchase college meal plans that limit access to food.

"It's not really the weight of your roommate that's important, but the behaviors your roommate engages in. These behaviors are what may really be 'contagious,'" said Kapinos.

The study is the first to assess college weight gain using a natural experiment occurring on most college campuses in the United States-randomized roommate assignments.

"Previous studies have suggested that having an obese spouse, friend or sibling increases one's likelihood of becoming obese. But these relationships are obviously not random. People pick their friends and spouses, and they often select people who are similar to themselves. And even though we don't pick our siblings, we share a genetic inheritance and an early environment that may influence adult weight," said Kapinos.

For the current study, the researchers assessed 144 female college students randomly assigned to share a living situation during their freshman year.

The topic of peer influences on weight gain and weight management is important since obesity prevalence in young adults, aged 18 to 29, increased by 96 percent from 1988 to 2006-the largest percentage increase for all age groups.

In another study, the researchers found that freshmen assigned to dormitories with onsite dining halls gained more weight than those who had to venture outside of their dorms for food.

"Our hope is that this line of research will have practical implications for university administrators and more generally for public health efforts aimed at reducing obesity," said Kapinos.

The study was presented this summer at the annual meeting of the American Society of Health Economists.


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