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Reliance Communications has made full repayment of two loans amounting to $1 billion (around Rs 6,000 crore), during the quarter ended June 30.The repayments have been from the company's rupee resources.

Sci - Tech

Now, Chris Brown `smokes suspect roll-up` alongside semi-naked RiRi

Tuesday - Dec 04, 2012, 04:03pm (GMT+5.5)
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London - Chris Brown has posted a new photograph of himself in which he is seen smoking a suspect roll-up with a semi- naked Rihanna sitting alongside him.

In the photo that, Rihanna sits next to Brown and glares at the camera while wearing what appears to be her white lace underwear, as she sits in a camouflage or a sleeping bag, the Mirror reported.

The caption of the picture reads, “What would music today sound like if these kids didn’t exist?”


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