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Interview Tips

Interview Tips

Here are some useful interview tips. These useful nuggets of information deal with interview skills, interview etiquettes, body language, mannerisms et al.

  • Be punctual. It is better to arrive early than to rush in at the last moment. Allow extra time for traffic, parking and slow elevators.

  • Dress appropriately for the interview. Improper clothes and grooming can jeopardize an interview. Project a clean and well groomed appearance. Casual clothes are strictly out. Dress comfortably, but immaculately. Shoes should be polished, pants/skirts and shirts pressed.

  • As you enter the interview room, wait for the employer to indicate where you should be seated. After the employer is seated, it is your cue to also take a seat.

  • Make eye contact when you speak. Stand straight, move confidently and sit slightly forward in your chair. Portraying proper body language is very important.

  • Shake hands firmly. A firm handshake projects confidence and leaves a lasting impression.

  • Speak clearly, don't mumble.

  • Don't fidget in your seat. Sit up straight with your shoulders back and hands resting in your lap.

  • Use limited hand gestures to emphasize key points.

  • Be aware of nervous movements such as tapping of your foot or playing with a ring.

  • Project a professional and enthusiastic image. Your aim is to convince the interviewer that you would be an asset to the company and not a liability.

  • Don't complain about a former boss or co-worker. This creates a negative impression and the employer may think that you are hard to get along with.

  • Ask questions when you don't understand what the employer is talking about.

  • Before leaving the interview let the employer know that you really want the job. This will make the employer feel that you are really interested in the job and would work hard and stick to the job.


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