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Weddings in India

Wedding Invitation Wording

For each person, marriage is a very special occasion. Amidst grand preparations of outfits, banquet, decoration, etc; there is one more thing that deserves a special mention. Yes, it’s wedding invitation wording. As there are many different types of families to address, crafting a good wedding invitation could be complicated. While composing a wedding party invitation, it’s suitable to include the names of those throwing the party, the invitation phrase (like, ‘request the pleasure of your company’), the date, hour, place, and RSVP details.

Wedding Invitation Etiquette
Usually friends, relatives and acquaintances, who need to be present at the occasion, are invited. When the marriage is to be celebrated on a large scale, invitations are sent to all relatives and friends of both families. As regards business associates, the invitation should be made due to the friendship, not the business link. It’s always better to invite those, who know and have a concern about the bride and groom. Before mailing out the invitations, the organizers must take into account the number of people and the reception area available.

Invitation List For Wedding
It is essential on the part of the bride and groom to-be to make out their common list of people, to whom invitations need to be sent together. If the wedding is planned to be a big event, then not only their friends but also the friends of their parents, must be invited. In fact, business acquaintances of both families should be invited at such gathering. In case the reception is a small affair, care should be taken so that the guests just fit rightly into the area.

Mailing the Wedding Invitation
Each and every wedding invitation must be sent from the bride’s home, even those of the personal friends of her husband. Wedding invitations should be mailed about six weeks ahead of the date intended for the wedding. The guests, who stay far-off, should be sent a ‘Save the Date’ card, if possible with hotel suggestions, in time so that they can make travel adjustments. Generally such invitations should be sent at least 8 to 10 weeks in advance.


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