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Wedding Drinks And Snacks

Let it be the food and drink, the entertainment or even the rituals followed, every aspect of the wedding is scrutinized thoroughly, so that everything falls on place and the ceremony comes out as an occasion that is memorable for everyone - right from the newly married to their family and relatives. Since menu plays a prominent role in the ceremony, you need to take special efforts in choosing the most delicious food and drinks for your guests. Here in this article, we provide you handy information and some tips on choosing the drinks and snacks for wedding.


  • You may serve a wide variety of cocktails to your guests on your wedding or reception party. Ensure that the drinks served during the occasion are chosen according to the general preference, although not suiting the specific needs. Provide them with a wide variety of options to choose from.
  • If organizing a cocktail party seems to be an expensive affair, then you may serve exotic mocktails to your wedding guests. This way, you could save a lot of money on liquor. Moreover, your guests would be able to relish on exotic drinks that are exquisitely made by blending different syrups and fruit juices.
  • If you prefer serving alcohol at your wedding party, then you may opt for hard drinks such as whisky, wine (both red and wine), rum, beer and vodka. Ensure that the beverage you purchase for the ceremony is of good quality. Not pricey though, you should always prefer to serve good quality drinks to your guests.
  • In case you want to stick to non-alcoholic beverages for the wedding, then go for fruit juices and aerated drinks. In addition to the fruit juices and colas, you may serve different kinds of milk shakes and fruit punch. Chocolate shake, strawberry shake and badam milk are some of the most preferred options for wedding and reception parties.
  • In case it is a winter wedding, then you may serve hot drinks including tea, coffee and different kinds of soups, to your guests.


  • Finger food is the most preferred snack item for wedding. This is because they are easy to munch and digest. You may include sandwich in the snacks for the wedding.
  • Another nice option for wedding snacks is the widely popular potato fries. You may also serve chilly potato, a lip-smacking variant of the snack.
  • Depending upon the general preferences of your guests, you may include both veg and non-veg snacks or else stick to a pure-vegetarian menu. However, it is wise to provide both the options, so that everyone's taste buds are satisfied.
  • Ensure that the snack you serve well complement the drinks that you serve during the wedding/reception party.
  • Make sure that you provide a good variety of snacks to choose from, for your wedding/ reception party guests.
  • It is suggested not to opt for too heavy snacks, because your guests would relish on a lavish feast after munching the finger food.

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