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Indian Snacks

Indian snacks are some of the tastiest and fulfilling preparations popular all across the country. The food consumed in between meals for satiating short-lived hunger are usually categorised under snacks.

The Indian snacks are usually delicious and mouth watering preparations consumed in different times of the day, such as in the late afternoon, evening or late night. Savories like samosas, aloo tikki, vada pau are easily prepared and commonly served Indian snacks.
Indian snacks are comprised of recipes, which have been passed on for generation together in Indian homes. Young and old alike love the crispness and tempting tastes of Indian snacks. The popularity of Indian snacks grew because of its easy process of preparation and that they can be prepared at any time. It is thought to be ideal to serve the appetizing Indian snacks before coffee or tea.

Bhajias or Pakoras can be prepared in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian forms. Sometimes only fried forms of besan with onions can make lovely bhajias, at times chicken or vegetable puree is added to make it fulfilling. Chaat is a popular type of Indian snacks and vendors literally crowd the streets selling all kinds of delicious variations of chaats. Bhelpuri is a type of low fat, nutritious and delicious snacks found in India. It is just a mixture of puffed rice, sauces, dried chats and other spices. Chivda is a Marathi snacks and is popular for its properties to be crispy and crunchy that can be easily stored for a long time in airtight container. Similarly Vada Pav can be said to be a principle dish of Maharashtra that is presently a popular Indian snacks across the nation. Breadcrumbs along with some delicious mixture of curry make the sumptuous Vada Pav.

Steamed Momos is an important input in the list of Indian snacks that has evolved from northern India.

Sikkim is the land of momos, however momo has now become a loved Indian snacks among all ages. The low amount of oil and spices used in this preparation has made it

loved among all age group. Dhokla or the steamed gram flour snack has come straight from the heart of Gujarat and is served with Tamarind and Mint-Coriander Chutneys. Indian snacks has unlimited variations and the Indian chefs are never tired of experimenting with the traditional dishes to discover some more tantalising tastes.

A variety of tasty Indian snacks have become a regular preparation in households, these Indian snacks are offered while welcoming guests in the evenings. Indian snacks are used as tidbits, which are nibbled between the meals. Sometimes used as starters in the parties, Indian snacks are popular all over the world owing to its mouth-watering tastes and easy method of preparation.

The Indian snacks are usually delicious and mouth watering. Savouries like samosas, aloo tikki etc. are commonly served in India. This section is comprised of recipes which have been passed on for generation together in Indian homes. The crispness and tempting tastes of indian snacks is liked by young and old alike. These can be easily prepared at any time. It is ideal to serve snacks before coffee or tea.