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Pet Care

DOG Products

DOG Products

Dog Formula

Dog formula products contain real meat, whole grains, rice and vegetables in a taste that dogs love. These nutritious treats offer complete and balanced nutrition that help defend against environmental toxins. Dog formula treats also strengthen the immune system and supports the specific lifestage requirements of adult dogs.


High quality dog collars come in top-quality leather, buckles, and metal tuck loops. To determine your dog’s collar size, measure the neck and add 2 inches.

Collar charms

Add a little bling bling to your doggy’s collar with dazzling, gem-studded charms. Customize your pet’s collar with your pet's initials, nickname, or fun shapes by sliding on one or more of the charms. Perfect for small dogs and phat cats.

Doggie Diaper Garment

Keep your dog and home clean with these cotton fabric, Velcro adjustable diapers. These garments are designed for puppies, incontinent dogs and females in season. Can be used with or without additional absorbent liner pads (sold separately). Machine washable and line dry.

Pet Pen

Keep your dog safe and secure with a mobile pen designed with sturdy wood and a metal frame, removable plastic pan with snap-lock latches, and lockable caster wheels for mobility.

Dog Chews

Cornstarch-based dog chews satisfy your dog's hunger, are odorless and will not stain the carpet. Dog chews have a grooved surface to help maintain good oral health through vigorous massaging of the gums.

Pet Odor remover

Pet ordor removers keep carpets, floors, furniture, clothing, cages, litter boxes, bird cages, and all pet living and sleeping areas smelling fresh and clean without perfume cover ups. Eliminates stains and odors to restore colors to floors, carpet and upholstery.

Rawhide Bones

Rawhide bones help remove plaque and tartar from your dog’s gums and teeth. These flavorful treats satisfy your dog’s cravings and are perfect rewards for good deeds and obedience.

No Bark Collar

Water-resistant No Bark collars respond to your dog’s bark and not to ambient noise – creating efficient training for your dog. High quality No Bark collars offer seven levels of adjustable stimulation so it can be used for dogs of all sizes. The correction stimulus gently encourages your dog to not bark.

Dog Carrier

Dog carriers are perfect for the traveling pup and should be rated to meet domestic and international airline safety rules. Many airlines will allow certain pets in bags to ride in the cabin. Before purchasing a carrier for in cabin travel, check with your carrier for specific rules and any fees that may apply.

Dog Flea collar

Dog collars offer your dog five months of protection from adult fleas and ticks. The collar begins working right away and continues even when wet. Find the right sized collar for your dog to ensure proper flea and tick control. Never use a flea collar on dogs younger than 12 weeks old.


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