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Vastu Shastra

Indian Vastu Shastra

Vastu Shastra is an ancient Hindu architectural practice, which involves the construction of buildings in harmony with the natural forces, for the welfare of mankind as a whole. It is a rich Indian philosophy, more..

Vastu as Science
Basic Principles of Vastu
Elements of Vastu
Vastu Compass
Vastu Direction
Vastu Pyramid
Vastu Remedies
Origin of Vastu
Why Vastu
  Vastu Tips

Vastu Shastra has been in existence in India since ages. Certain extracts in the ancient texts show the presence of Vastu in the construction of houses during the period of Ramayana and Mahabharata as more..

Vastu for Career
Vastu for Happy Married Life
Vastu for Health
Vastu for Love
Vastu for Money
Vastu for Buildings

In the present-day world, it has almost become a trend to consult a Vastu expert, before constructing and/or designing not only residential, but commercial buildings as well. In fact, businessmen prefer to seek vastu more..

Vastu for Hospitals
Vastu for Hotels
Vastu for Industry
Vastu for Offices
Vastu for Shops
Vastu for Plot Selection
Vastu for Clinic
Vastu for Factory
Vastu for Restaurants
Vastu for School
  Vastu for Home

The term Vastu, meaning a dwelling place, was initially used to refer to the homes of gods and human beings. However, with time, it came to be associated with the right location as well more..

Vastu for Children Room
Vastu for Bathroom
Vastu for Bedroom
Vastu for Dining Room
Vastu for Drawing Room
Vastu for Kitchen
Vastu for Doors & Windows
Vastu Tips for Flat
Vastu for Garage
Vastu for Garden