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Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra Sends Legal Notice to Alleged Former Boyfriend Aseem Merchant

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Priyanka Chopra New York Fashion Week 2019
Priyanka Chopra New York Fashion Week 2019

Priyanka Chopra has reportedly sent a legal notice to alleged former boyfriend Aseem Merchant, seeking to put the brakes on a planned biopic of Priyanka’s former manager Prakash Jaju. The actress alleges that the biopic, being made by Aseem, deals with her own life rather than Mr Jaju’s. (Also Read: My Film is Not About Priyanka Chopra, It’s About Prakash Jaju: Aseem Merchant)

According to a report in Mumbai Mirror, the notice, sent by Priyanka’s lawyer Anand Desai, accuses Aseem Merchant of violating Priyanka’s right to privacy. It states, “Our client is shocked to note that while all the news articles mention the proposed film as your (Jaju’s) biopic, the promotions largely refer to our client and inclusion of aspects of her and her family life rather than references to you. (Also Read: Why Priyanka Chopra is Both Flattered and Disturbed by Planned Biopic)

You are intending to collude with Mr Merchant in violation of our client’s rights, including right to privacy, defaming our client and lowering her reputation, seeking to subject her to hatred and ridicule.

Our client calls upon you to withdraw all the publicity material of the film with immediate effect, desist using or referring to any personal or confidential information about her and/or her family, desist from producing, releasing the proposed film and tender an unconditional apology to her.”

A copy of the notice has reportedly also been sent to Prakash Jaju.

Meanwhile, Aseem, who allegedly dated Priyanka when she was a model, has maintained that the film is about Prakash Jaju, not Priyanka, and and will cover the entire entertainment industry. Aseem told Mumbai Mirror that his legal team is looking into the matter. He said, “If she has still has any objection, then we shall drop the film. I don’t want to hurt her sentiments. The film is about me, not Priyanka. She is just a chapter in that.”

Priyanka had a fallout with Mr Jaju in 2008 after he claimed that the star owed him a large amount of money. The actress’ late father Ashok Chopra then filed a police complaint against the manager who was later arrested and spent over two months behind bars. Aseem Merchant is an actor and has appeared in the Salman Khan hit Wanted.

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