4:40 pm - Sunday November 28, 2021

44 people died and 16 missing after heavy rain in Andhra Pradesh

44 people died and 16 missing after heavy rain in Andhra PradeshThe government also said that electricity was restored in four districts, providing basic necessities to families affected by the 95,949 floods. Amaravati: The Andhra Pradesh state government announced on Friday that 44 people were... read more »

Delhi air quality continues to deteriorate; Noida, Gurgaon is “very b...

Delhi air quality continues to deteriorate; Noida, Gurgaon is “very bad”Delhi Pollution: PM10 scored a 360 at 7:50 in a very bad category and a PM 2.5 rating of 386 in a very bad category. Gurugram and Noida scored AQIs of 355 and 391, respectively, in the “very bad”... read more »

On Constitution Memorial Day, Prime Minister Modi shared part of BR Ambed C...

On Constitution Memorial Day, Prime Minister Modi shared part of BR Ambed Carr’s speech.Constitution Day is celebrated every year on November 26th, celebrating the adoption of the Constitution of India by the Constitutional Assembly on that day in 1949. On Constitution Memorial Day , Prime... read more »

President Corbind and Prime Minister Modi Speech on Constitution Day at th...

President Corbind and Prime Minister Modi Speech on Constitution Day at the National AssemblyIndia’s 71st Constitution Day: Prime Minister Modi will participate in two separate programs in the capital at 11:00 at the Central House of Parliament and at 17:30 at Vigyan Bhawan . On Friday,... read more »

UP CM Yogi Adityanath allocates Rs 3,301 cr to Jewish displaced people

UP CM Yogi Adityanath allocates Rs 3,301 cr to Jewish displaced peopleAccording to a government spokesperson, the families of nearly 7,224 victims were given Rs 403 billion for rehabilitation. The government of Yogi Adityanath of Uttar Pradesh has allocated Rs 3,301 crore for the rehabilitation of... read more »

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Buy the best skin care products effortlessly from your favourite makeup purchase...

The worst feeling is getting a burst of motivation in the middle of the night to perfect your skin but not being able to step out at that very moment. But also, the best feeling is remembering we live in the twenty-first century and buying the best skin care products... read more »


CBDT Extends timelines for various tax filings in India

Updated:29/09/2021 Income Taxpayers must pay attention as there have been several key announcements regarding deadlines and due dates. Central Board of Direct Taxes(CBDT) has announced the extension of several electronic filings of certain Forms after considering... read more »


Considering Port Your Health insurance? Here’s what you should know

Health insurance is no longer a luxury, it’s a necessity these days, thanks to the stress levels, poor eating habits, and spurt in lifestyle diseases. We must exercise regularly and eat healthy to maintain a healthy weight, but seldom this is possible because we... read more »


How to Start a Business on a Small Budget

Running a business is most people’s dream, and if it’s something that you have wanted to do for a long time, what is putting you off? What is holding you back from starting a business? If the answer is your budget or lack of budget, then you will soon see... read more »


Countries Indians can visit visa-free or with visa-on-arrival

As many as 16 countries provide visa-free entry and 43 countries allow visa-on-arrival facility to Indian ordinary passport holders, the government informed Rajya Sabha (Parliament’s upper house) on March 18, 2021. The “Government of India has been making efforts... read more »


Change the Look of Your Interiors With These Ceiling Paint Ideas

Applying new coats of beautiful paint can drastically change the appearance of a space. Unfortunately, most people spend time deciding the color of their room walls and neglect the ceiling. If you look up, you’ll notice most house ceilings have the usual white... read more »


Everything To Know About An Epilator

With more techniques and procedures being discovered for painless hair removal, there are four procedures that women mostly prefer: waxing, using a hair removal cream, shaving, and lasers. If you have tried all these and yet are dissatisfied with the results,... read more »


Top Indian cities where you can find great coliving and managed accommodation sp...

It’s a tale as old as time. Starry-eyed students leave school and enter the brave new world of college. Ambitious young professionals take on the challenge of becoming real adults and start their first jobs. Millions of migrants leave behind the comforts of home to... read more »


How to Start a Marketing Company?

We live in a world in which successful marketing can end up being the difference between a company being successful, and one that falls flat on its face. It is certainly true that there are plenty of opportunities still to set up a marketing company. However, you are... read more »


Setting Yourself Apart: How to Make Yourself Stand Out from the Competition as a...

In business, competition is everywhere. It’s in the 100 other job applications which may have been received by the same job posting, or it’s in the leading competitor of a business’s particular market. Competition can often bring out the best in... read more »

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Antim Day 1’s Box Office Estimates: Salman Khan’s Mov...

Antim Day 1’s Box Office Estimates: Salman Khan’s Movie – Ayush Sharma grossed roughly. rupees 5.50 cr.Box Office Estimate Antim Day 1: Salman Khan’s Film – Ayush... read more »

`83 Teaser: Ranveer Singh as Kapil Devs Fang, who...

`83 Teaser: Ranveer Singh as Kapil Devs Fang, who won the world championshipNew Delhi: A teaser for the highly anticipated Kabir Khan ’83... read more »

Bhediya: The first look of Varun Dhavan as a werewolf i...

Bhediya: The first portrayal of Varun Dhavan as a werewolf is intimidating, and the film is slated for release in 2022.Bhediya by Varuna Dhavan and Kriti... read more »

Fact Check: Rowan Atkinson, also known as Mr Bean, isn&...

Fact Check: Rowan Atkinson, also known as Mr Bean, isn’t dead, Internet users defeat fake rumorsRowan Atkinson is believed to have died after an... read more »

Jersey Trailer: Shahid Kapoor plays the Excricator, who...

Bollywood actor Shahid Kapoor is all set for his silverscreen comeback as the makers just dropped the trailer of his much-anticipated film ‘Jersey’... read more »

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The Best Weekend Getaways from Hyderabad

The technology hub of India and the joint capital of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad is quite fascinating in itself. With its rich heritage, architectural splendor, and iconic cuisine, this... read more »

MM Hills- The verdant mountains of Karnataka

For most urbanites, weekends usually revolve around get-togethers, dinners, outdoor events, or getaways to the nearby tried and tested places. If... read more »

top 50 packing tips

Know the rules 1. Note the number of bags you can check in. In most cases it is one piece per person. You can check up to eight on easyJet but don’t get... read more »

Five ways to save money when travelling

Top tips for saving money while traveling. 1. Meal plan If you’re booking a resort holiday, it’s essential that you buy a meal plan. I learned... read more »

Solo travel : the best tour operators for singles

The travel industry has been slow to catch on to the single-traveller market; this year though, there are more opportunities than ever to strike out on your... read more »


J&K Mughal Garden becomes the main attraction of the autumn s...

This season, the majestic Qinar’s maple leaves turn golden brown instead of green, attracting nature lovers to the Kashmir Valley. Tourists from all over the world, including parts of India,... read more »

Singapore welcomes vaccinated travelers from India...

According to Singapore’s travel guide, Indian passengers can skip quarantine as long as they submit proof of vaccination through an app like... read more »

Take Chinese-made Covid-19 vaccines if Indians wish to ...

China has made it mandatory for people coming from India and 19 other countries to get themselves inoculated with Chinese-made Covid-19 vaccines if they wish... read more »

An offbeat getaway to Yawal Wildlife Sanctuary

I considered myself to be quite well-informed when it came to geography but I was in for a surprise when one of my friends suggested that we spend our week... read more »

Unique things to experience in Hyderabad

A land once ruled by the Nizams, the city of Hyderabad still holds on its ancient royalty, heritage, and all things regal. But the city is more than its... read more »


Pizza maker Papa John’s hands insured for a whopping 10 M p...

Seems like Papa John’s has taken their love for pizza to another level as the company has recently insured its founder’s hands for 10 million pounds. Tabloid media revealed that Papa... read more »

Haldiram products under scanner!

Maharashtra government today asked its health regulator to check samples of Haldiram’s packaged snacks to find if they are fit for human... read more »

FSSAI to review caffeine standards in beverages

Food safety regulator FSSAI has decided to review caffeine standards in caffeinated and energy drinks and is looking for an agency to study the consumption... read more »

Foodies beware! Junk food could make you ‘depress...

If you love gorging on fast food, chances are that you might end up being depressed, claims a new study. San Diego State University researchers analysed... read more »

Time management in kitchen

For a working professional, be it a man or a woman, managing one’s time spent in the kitchen is very important. Not everyday can one think of ordering... read more »

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Oppo Reno 7 live photos reveal new camera design

Last month, Oppo Reno 7 appeared in renders, revealing a new design for the camera cluster. Today we see a live photo, confirming their authenticity. The absence of a fingerprint and the protruding... read more »

Samsung knows the pandemic has changed technology,...

The COVID19 pandemic has forced us to work, go to school and socialize from home, which means our technology has reached a new importance in our... read more »

Expected to launch Redmi Note 11T 5G in India on Novemb...

The Redmi Note 11T 5G launch event in India is scheduled to take place on November 30. The new Redmi Note phone is rumored to be the popular version of the... read more »

GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition: PC version pulled from ...

Many fans are disappointed by the release of the highly anticipated remastered editions of GTA 3, GTA Vice City, and GTA San Andreas. Due to technical... read more »

2021 Maruti Suzuki Celerio India Launch Highlights: Ind...

2021 Maruti Suzuki Celerio Price in India, Features, Specifications Highlights: India’s largest carmaker, Maruti Suzuki, has launched the all-new Celerio in... read more »

Health & Fitness

Vaping CBD: Legality and Usage in America

More and more Americans are vaping CBD, leading many to question the legality of this and the reasons for using it. There is certainly some confusion surrounding the topic, but the following... read more »

Reach Your Potential: 10 Mistakes Destroying Your ...

If you’re working out many days per week and failing to reach your goals, you could be making various mistakes before, during, and after... read more »

When you should take a pregnancy test?

Usually, there are two types of pregnancy tests. One test utilizes a urine sample and the other a sample of blood. Interestingly, both these pregnancy tests... read more »

7 Essential Regular Health Checkups for Under 40

Chances are you get your car oiled and serviced regularly and keep it polished till it shines. But would you say you are taking such great care of yourself?... read more »

Stressed Out? Try These Ayurvedic Medicines

Ayurveda is the oldest forms of medicine in the world that originated in India around 5,000 years ago. It is a traditional holistic medical system that... read more »


Badrinath temple is closed today for winter break

The auspicious closing date of the Badrinath temple in Uttarakhand was announced in the case of Dussehra. Friday Badrinath’s temple is adorned with flowers of twenty cents. Badrinath... read more »

Nykaa Founder Becomes India’s Wealthiest Sel...

Falguni Nayar’s beauty startup has jolted her to the ranks of the world’s richest. Nayar, who owns about half of Nykaa, is now worth... read more »

Top Tips to Help You Juggle Work and Parenthood

Working while being a parent is tackling two jobs without any overtime, and sometimes without any thanks, either. Though hard, it is entirely doable, and this... read more »

Tips On How Can Introverts Live With Extrovert Roommate...

Moving to a new space is a roller-coaster ride in itself. It’s obvious you are going to meet and live with a clan of people who’ll have various kinds of... read more »

Different Paint Texture Ideas For Your Bedroom

Are you planning to give a new look to your bedroom? Are you looking for something unique? You can start by choosing a unique paint texture for your bedroom.... read more »

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Center Moves To Ban Cryptocurrency, Price Drop: 10 Points

The center is likely to introduce a bill banning all cryptocurrencies in India with a few exceptions in the Winter Parliament and will pave the way for digital currency regulation issued... read more »


Listing shares of parent company Policybazaar: listing PB Fintech...

Policy operator PB Fintech, initial public offering (IPO) was listed on the stock exchange on Monday. At the opening, the PB Fintech IPO was listed at a price of Rs 1,150 on the Bombay... read more »

Tim Cook Invests In Crypto But Don’t Expect It On Apple Pay...

Tim Cook revealed that he personally invests in cryptocurrency, but that he has no plans to invest Apple’s cash in the asset. Apple Inc. chief executive officer Tim Cook said the... read more »

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Former Maharashtra CM Devendra Fadnavis’s “Underworld Links Proof” Again...

Mumbai: Former Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis, who had teased a post-Diwali “expose” on state Minister Nawab Malik and his underworld connection, delivered on his... read more »

Modi government`s list of Jumbo ministry July 2021

Modi`s council of ministers, the first such exercise in the third year of his second term. While the cabinet reshuffle was on the cards for a long time, the move comes at a time when the... read more »

US Elections 2020 : Twitter Blocks Donald Trump’s tweet against B...

Twitter acted on Wednesday placed a “disputed” label on a tweet from Donald Trump in which he accused his rival Strong going Joe Biden campaign of trying to “steal” the tightly... read more »

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“India has changed”: hours before Paytm stock listing, Vijay founder Shekhar ...

“India has transformed”: a few hours before Paytm’s share listing, Vijay founder Shekhar Sharma shared a message Paytm has opened its initial public subscription offering... read more »

Chennai Live updates: Landslide in Krishnagiri district Split 32...

Chennai Live updates: Landslide in Krishnagiri district Split 32 villages; Chennai Red Alert Chennai News Live Update: Regional Meteorological Department (RMC) has issued a Red Alert in... read more »

Hardik Pandya Clarifies ‘Rs 5 Crore Watch Seized by Airport...

Mumbai: Cricketer Hardik Pandya on Tuesday denied reports that two 5 crore wristwatches were seized by him at Mumbai airport upon his return from Dubai, claiming that there was only one... read more »

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Donald Trump Denies US Plans to Send Troops to Iran

Donald Trump on Tuesday dismissed as fake news a report that top US national security officials reviewed a plan to deploy 120,000 troops to West Asia if Iran attacked American forces, but... read more »

Blast near shrine in Pakistan, nine dead: police

At least nine people were killed by a blast targeting a security checkpoint outside a major Sufi shrine in the eastern Pakistani city of Lahore on Wednesday, officials said. The blast, one... read more »

Friday Prayers To Be Broadcast, 2-Minute Silence: New Zealand PM

The bodies of victims from New Zealand’s mosques mass shooting were carried in open caskets on the shoulders of mourners into a large tent at Christchurch’s Memorial Park... read more »

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