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I’ve never received so much appreciation: Rakesh Roshan

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I've never received so much appreciation: Rakesh Roshan
I've never received so much appreciation: Rakesh Roshan

By Subhash K. Jha

Mumbai – Riding high on the success of his latest superhero directorial “Krrish 3”, Rakesh Roshan wants to go on a holiday and at leisure bask in the glow of the unending appreciation coming his way for making a movie that is high on emotions and packed with international-level special effects.

In a tete-a-tete, he opens up about the journey of “Krrish 3”, working with his son Hrithik and his future plans.

Q. “Krrish 3” has been unanimously accepted. You must be relieved because you were competing with American superhero films.

A. I have to tell you ! that I was very nervous when I started making this film. I wasn’t confident about pulling off the same level of excellence as the Hollywood superhero films. But somewhere, god gave me strength and I went on shooting exactly as I had planned. I shot precisely what I thought my film would be.

Q. It feels victorious?

A. Yes, you could say I felt victorious. Hrithik and I were satisfied with what we saw. After that we left it to the audience to decide how they felt about what we had done. Fortunately for us, the audience has liked what he had done. In my entire career as a filmmaker, I’ve never received so much appreciation. The phone just doesn’t stop ringing. I am getting calls from friends and strangers from all over the world. It is very humbling. When they say ‘Krissh 3’ puts Hollywood superhero films to shame, I feel 10 ft tall.

Q. The special effects are indeed very special in ‘Krrish 3’.

A. But it’s the story that really works. It is the stor! y, the emotions that bind the audience to the special affects. The stun! ts and action can only be an added attraction. One can’t make them the main event. I was very conscious of the fact that audiences would be coming back to see the ‘Krrish’ saga, and not just any ordinary film.

Q. The father-son emotions have been truly appreciated?

A. Those emotions are an inherent part of my cinema. I don’t have to try to put emotions into my films. They are there within me. I always choose subjects that have a strong emotional base. I first chose the content and then I wove the action scenes around the emotions.

Q. Apparently Hrithik wanted to play the super-villain?

A. When he told me that, I flatly refused. If Hrithik had played the super-villain, we’d have to sit at home and watch the film.

Q. The father-son rapport between you and Hrithik is unique to cinema in any part of the world. Would you ever think of making a film without Hrithik?

A. Make a film without Hrithik? Why would I do that? I’ve the best star-a! ctor in my house. Why would I go to anyone else? Hrithik was my right-hand man throughout the making of “Krrish 3”. The two of us are completely professional on the sets. We speak to one another as director and actor on the sets. We don’t whisper to one another. If he asks for one more take, I don’t give it to him because he’s my son, but because I know the shot will get better if he is asking for a retake.

Q. So when are you making “Krrish 4”?

A. Right now I am exhausted. My mind is blank. I may make a love story or an action film before “Krrish 4”. Let’s see how the success of Krrish 3 pans out. If the current collections continue in the next week, we’ll celebrate. Right now my happiness comes from seeing my wife and daughter’s smile. They’ve seen Hrithik and me work so hard.

Q. What immediate plans?

A. A holiday. I won’t make another film until I feel like it.

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