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Five grooming essentials for men

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Five grooming essentials for men
Five grooming essentials for men

New Delhi – Like women, even men need to look and smell fabulous. Look beyond your shaving kit to be well-groomed.

Priyanka Tyagi, Cosmetologist, Skeyndor India, suggests a list of grooming products for men:

– Facial cleanser: Cleansers especially designed for men should be used to extract the excess oil while moisturising also.

– Shaving kit: It must consist of a gentle shaving gel or foam or cream which softens the facial hair. After shave is important for men as it not only works as an anti-inflammatory product but also helps in healing the micro-scars caused due to shaving. A good quality razor may save them f! rom a lot of cuts.

– Moisturiser: In addition to all this, men ! should not forget to use a moisturiser. A man’s skin needs to be moisturised on a regular basis as the moisture of their skin gets depleted with every shave. If they want to save time and product usage, they may opt for moisturisers which have sunblock too.

– Hair products: Hair care products like oil or hair nourishing creams or gels are essential to make their hair look neat, stylish and healthy.

– Deodorant: Men have highly active sweat glands, so a deodorant or body fragrance is a must. These products will control body odour and make you feel fresh throughout the day.

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