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Fresh fruit ice creams to beat the heat

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If eating ice creams is one of your ways to cool down during summers, this time around, give the artificial flavours a miss and try fresh fruit in your cones and ice cream bowls instead.

Make the homemade dessert with enticing strawberries or peaches; the choices are aplenty. “Using fresh fruit is a healthy idea as it gives energy and hydrates you. It also has fibre, which is important in summer, so it presents nutritional value as well as taste,” says chef Vasant Khot.
Try Palmyra fruit ice cream
Put your thinking caps on; you can really experiment with this trend. While the usual fruits work well, you can also go exotic and try frozen rambutans. “Berries work best for this trend, try frozen blueberries, wildberries (also known as karvanda) or even cranberries,” advises Vasant. “An interesting twist is the palmyra fruit (taatiningu) ice cream. Take the liquid of the fruit and add it to your cold ice cream base.

Churn it and add pieces of the fruit, letting some pieces remain intact. Add orange zest or star anise while churning. Freeze and serve it in the fruit’s shell.” With citrus fruits like oranges considered apt for summer, blogger Kajal Tejsinghani has tried orange sorbet. “You can also make a frozen orange mousse which is equally delicious,” she says, adding, “Take the cream and heat it till it’s lukewarm. Scrape in orange zest, add caster sugar and a cinnamon stick to this. Let it infuse overnight. Strain next day and add to an aerosol can (called quick freezer). Squeeze it into cleaned orange halves.”

Healthy popsicles
Find it a task to get your kids to eat enough fruit? No problem. Just turn the fresh fruit into a frozen delight with a fruit popsicle. With fibre and vitamins, it might just be an answer to your woes. Not only are these natural, but they can make for pretty handouts to your outdoor brunch or dinner menu too. One of the biggest advantages is that the fruit popsicles are hydrating. Says nutritiontist Priya Karerka. “Most fruits, like orange, watermelon and musk melon have over 80 per cent water, so these make for ideal popsicles. Litchi is in season. It is a great source of vitamin C and is very good for detoxification and cleansing of the body. Add a dash of lemon while making it.”
There are toppings for the cold treat too. “She adds, “When making it with oranges, use the orange pulp with the rind. Pomegranate is heart-friendly, it has low glycemic-index and is recommended for obese patients, so use it as a topping for the popsicle.” Adding ginger to fruit juices and purees gives flavour. It is anti-inflammatory and is a digestive. You can also use basil leaves for flavouring.

For diabetics
Jamun fruit and seeds can help in regulating blood sugar levels. “The fruit is a popular antidote for diabetics around the world. It works well as a seasonal fruit, especially in summer,” says nutritionist Kajal Bhatia. Here is her recipe…

Jamun ice
– Jamun — 250 gms
– Kokum — 6 to 7, soaked in warm water
– Black rasins — ½ cup, soaked in warm water
– Black salt and rock salt to taste
– Roasted jeera powder —1 tsp
– Pepper powder — ¼ tsp
– Water — 2 ½ cups

Wash the jamuns and remove pulp by squeezing it out. Wash the seeds with little water and blend into a smooth puree. Mash the kokum with hand and strain the juice. Grind the black raisins with little water and strain. Mix all the ingredients into 2½ cups of water and put them in ice candy cups. Freeze. Serve with a sprinkle of black salt, jeera and pepper powder mix. You can use chat masala. Insert a stick when it is semi-set.

Make your own popsicle
– Take the fruit, mash it slightly and spoon it into your popsicle mould.
– Pour some lemon water or fruit juice in it as well.
– Place the pops in the freezer and after 20 minutes, insert a stick in each mould and freeze again till it hardens.
– When eating, allow some cold water to run over the mould which will ease out the popsicle.

Points to keep in mind
The fruit popsicle is perfect for satisfying a sweet tooth as it cuts down calories. The trick is to make it without sugar and with just honey. Also, do not use overripe fruit for it.

Texture trick
Fruits can be tricky due to the acid content, but pureed fruits work well. You simply stir them into the ice cream base when it has cooled. To attain the right texture, the dry matter in the ice cream should be about 35-42%. The ratio is three parts sugar to seven parts double cream and fruit puree.

Party tip
Make fruity ice cubes
While people add herbs and other spices to ice cubes, fruits make for a fun addition, says culinary expert Mayavi Khandelwal.

– Apple — 1 small
– Kiwi —1
– Alphonso mango — 1
– Green coconuts — 2 or Lemon water with sea salt and pepper

Finely chop the fruits.
Fill an ice tray with the chopped fruits and pour coconut water or lemon water over it. Freeze for 6 – 8 hrs. Eat them mono or add them to your nimbu pani and fruit juices.

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