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Mumbai hangout lets you dine like a don

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Somewhere between the hustling city lights and busy Linking Road street in Bandra is an underground watering bar that’s cool and bold.

Gangsta’s embraces you within its vastness and draws your attention to the amalgamation of the old carved rustic walls with mafia-inspired quotes and the innovative and rugged art installations of metal chain chandeliers, metallic pastoral flooring which definitely sends a thrill down your spine. The bar has a very primitive yet rugged look with huge metal cages, dark walls, ancient grills and enormous metal doors with maximum use of metals like aluminium and rusted iron with visible welds. There are multiple seating options – community tables, bar stools, oversized booths, private dining area, a VIP and fine dining section called Boss’s on the second level of the bar and cafe. It is set around a huge space of 7,000 sq. ft spread over 2 floors with an outdoor smoking area. The inlet of the place attracts eyeballs on a new age gangster carved on the massive picturesque wall and a huge crystal chandelier suspended from the ceiling.

Gangsta’s gives a rough, cool and a mafia feel all along. Everything on the menu is perfection at its best and will surely call for a double ordering. Try the Taftoon Bread, Syrian Couscous Lamb Kleftiko, and Mantar Dolmasi. If you want to get even more exotic, Panko crusted fried Camembert with Raspberry, Blini topped with egg, caviar and cheese and Chilli garlic grilled tiger prawns caught our interest. The chef’s version of the Mediterranean classic lamb chops with lollipop and curry sauce, and the charcoal oven baked lobster are great examples of the Mediterranean-Indian confluence in cuisine.

New innovative cocktails including Sexy Bull, Bull on the Beach and Long Island Ice bull are exciting. The cheerful lively bartenders create special cocktails and shots on weekends. The real wicked ones, however, are signature cocktails Dead Fish and 6 feet Under.

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