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Entrance Test Examinations

Lets imagine this; you have passed out your HSC examinations and scored a high percentage. Now your next step is to seek admission in your dream college of engineering. When you go to seek admission, you come across many students like you who are waiting to get into the same 'dream' college and have scored as much as you have scored or better than you.

Now the question that arises is, how will you get the admission to the college or the profession that you desire? The answer is simple. The scores attained in the entrance tests can assure your admission into that 'Dream' College or profession.

What is an Entrance test?

Getting into your selected course of education involves an initial step known as Entrance Examination, which attempts to select an appropriate candidate for the course.

Admission to almost all the Diploma, Post Diploma, Degree, Post Graduate and Research and Fellowship programs in all the Universities, Colleges and Institutes are carried out on the basis of rankings in the Entrance Examinations.

What does it involve?

The content and the scoring system of the Entrance Test vary from the course to course. The aim of these Entrance Tests is to select the right candidate for the concerned course. These tests are designed such that they can test the aptitude of the individuals.


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