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Online education in India

Online education in India is credit-granting course and this education training is delivered primarily through the Internet to students. This system of education has been designed so that the students at remote locations receive the required teaching. Online education encompasses various degrees and course and various online universities allover the Indian subcontinent provide this facility. Education in India developed with several influences. The coming of the British was a major contribution to the education system in India. At that period, gaining education became compulsory. After independence, the 86th constitutional amendment has also made elementary education a fundamental right for the children between the age group- 6 to 14. In addition to that the gap between rural and urban literacy rate became significant in India.

Thus, the system of Online health care degrees in India was introduced, so that every person receives education. Online courses may or may not be delivered in synchrony. Moreover, an online course needs that the students and teachers meet once or periodically in a physical setting for lectures, labs, or exams. In addition to that one can opt for various online degrees or online courses. There are various universities and colleges offering online courses to the students in India. Online degrees are available in most disciplines like arts and humanities, science and engineering, education degrees, health care degrees, fashion and animation. The universities and colleges offering online course in include Indira Gandhi National Open University, Annamalai University, Sikkim Manipal University and Symbosis University.

Online learning has several advantages also. The flexibility of the online learning process allows students to continue their studies further. Students get attracted to such courses due to the advanced quality of education. In addition to that students can pursue their online courses without hampering their present occupation. Getting an online degree also increases the career prospects. Online courses are helpful for those with financial constraints.

Online education in India is also preferred as students can choose their subjects according to their interests. Moreover, online education has redefined the way of gaining education. The benefits lie on the fact that students can study at their own pace. India introduces many online universities that are accredited; the degrees offered by these universities are recognized worldwide. Thus online degrees have become the choice of every person with a set career goal. It serves the hindrance created by the considerable amount of time and money.


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