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The number of victims of terrorist attacks Sunday in Xinjiang has increased to fifty

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Chinese authorities announced that as a result of the terrorist attacks in the Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region on Sunday, September 21 killed 50 people. Among the dead – 40 suicide bombers who detonated an explosive device on one of the food markets County, two police stations and a number of other public places.

Part of the attackers were killed in the explosions, and the rest were eliminated by the police, reports Xinhua. The victims of the explosions were also six local residents, two police officers and two vigilantes. Injuring 54 people, including 32 ethnic Uighurs.

Previously reported two victims of the terrorist attacks.

It is reported that the organization was engaged in a series of attacks Mamat Tursun, shot by the police. The investigation showed that he was involved in extremist activities since 2003. However, he refused to sit at the same table with their parents due to the fact that they are public servants. He also did not come to his brother’s wedding, as a marriage certificate issued by the state.

Over the past six months in China, there were several major attacks, killing hundreds of people, including police officers. Xinjiang authorities in May imposed regime of antiterrorist operation until June 2015. PRC intelligence agencies reported on liquidation for the period more than 30 terrorist groups in the autonomous region.

According to the authorities, in Xinjiang acts extremist organization “East Turkistan,” which, according to Beijing, has links with international terrorist organizations, in particular the “al-Qaeda”. Due to enhanced security measures the area available for foreign journalists, making it virtually impossible to independently assess the situation.

According to recent reports, now the representatives of the movement of the number of Chinese citizens sent to the Middle East to join the forces of the “Islamic state.”

According to experts: Uighur separatists plan to gain recognition from international terrorist groups, to establish channels of communication and to get a “real combat experience,” and then return to China, where they will apply their knowledge and use of foreign assistance “colleagues.” According to media reports, the militants from Xinjiang have already participated in the fighting in the Middle East, and all in the ranks of the “IG” fighting about a hundred Chinese citizens.

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