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7 Essential Regular Health Checkups for Under 40

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Chances are you get your car oiled and serviced regularly and keep it polished till it shines. But would you say you are taking such great care of yourself? Probably not! Our bustling lives and work habits keep us from seeking routine health checkups.

However, carrying out regular health checkups give you an idea about your health and helps find out the potential ailments before they start showing any symptoms. As said, “Prevention is better than cure”, going by this adage, it is wise enough to undergo a few mandatory regular health checkups for people who are under 40.

  1. Cardiac Tests

Heart-related ailments have become common in the recent times as we hear too many people becoming victim of cardiac arrest and heart failures. As per the findings of ‘Center for Disease Control & Prevention’ (CDC), heart ailments are the critical reasons for death today. However, with regular heart screening tests, one can avert the unfortunate. This is the reason why having your blood pressure checked on a regular basis is essential as high blood pressure can lead to issues like heart ailments, heart failure and strokes. Besides, consider checking your glucose and cholesterol levels, as these can lead to various heart ailments as well.

  1. Cancer Screening

As per the American Cancer Society, cancer is one of the biggest killers in the world. Hence screening for this dreaded disease must be an essential part of regular health check-up when you enter your thirties. You should not wait to see any symptoms as you could risk combating a dreaded disease from its beginning. Cancer screening is often designed to detect cancer in its nascent stages, which increases the individual’s chances of survival. Cervical or breast cancer should be screened depending upon the likelihood and family history.

  1. Blood Test

Not all under the age of 40 are at risk of having type 2 diabetes, but if your ‘Body Mass Index’ is higher than 25, then it is safer to consider tests to detect the same. There are several tests which can help find out type 2 diabetes, like a blood sugar test or A1C test, wherein the average blood sugar level is determined. Screening is highly recommended for individuals who are overweight, lead a sedentary lifestyle and have a family history of type 2 diabetes

  1. Test for Vitamin D Deficiency

This is one of the most common medical conditions in men and women after the age of 30. With vitamin D deficiency, the risk of losing bone strength and getting medical conditions like osteoporosis becomes obvious. A reading of more than 30 in your blood test ensures this deficiency.

  1. Kidney Function Test

Higher serum creatinine level increases the risk of kidney malfunctions. Some symptoms indicating kidney problem include a frequent urge to urinate, blood in urine, painful urination etc. A single symptom may not indicate something serious, but, when occurring simultaneously, these symptoms suggest that kidneys aren’t working properly. Hence carrying out kidney function test in your thirties is essential. Moreover, these are simple urine and blood tests to identify the problems associated with your kidneys

  1. Eye Tests

Even if you find your eyes working fine, carrying out eye tests on a regular basis is essential to maintain good health. You should regularly visit your eye doctor, at least once or twice in a year, for an eye checkup. This can help to find the common type of eye diseases. It is interesting to note that eye doctors are among the first ones to find out specific chronic systemic ailments like diabetes and high blood pressure.

  1. Dental Screening

We all know that the secret to success lies in our smile; hence we cannot just allow it to fade by avoiding the dentist. Many people find it boring to visit their dentist, but regular dental screening is more than just cleaning your teeth. These routine dental tests keep a check over the risk of developing bone diseases, jaw issues, tooth decay and even oral cancer.

Wrapping Up:

Going by the axiom, ‘A Stitch in Time Saves Nine’, carrying out these tests on time can avert several dreaded diseases. In addition, if you haven’t already purchased, consider buying health insurance which can act as a financial aid in case of a medical emergency. Moreover, considering the steep escalation in medical care cost today, health insurance will ensure that you are not deprived of quality healthcare.

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