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Education in India during Pratihara period

The literary works of Rajasekhar throw a flood of light upon the education of that period. Rajasekhar has referred to three classes of students who studied 14 subjects. The first class of students learnt things once. Then in the second class there were students who learnt things by practice. These were called ahara buddhi. Then lastly there were students who could not learn even after practice and students were never able to receive education.

Besides the 14 subjects students were also given the education of agriculture, commerce, sculpture, criminal law i.e. danda niti and literature. The Pratihara kings patronized the scholars. For example scholars like Rajasekhar and Khemishwara received royal support and patronage of the Pratihara kings. During e period the Pratiharas, Nalanda, Vaiiabhi, Pataliputra, Ujjaini, Kampilya and Vikramashila were the prominent centres of education and learning.

In the field of literature, the most prominent literary figures of this period are Rajasekhar and Khemishwara. Some of the works of Rajasekhar are still available. His best creation is "Karpura manjari" which he wrote at the request of his wife Avanti Sundari. "Viddasal manjika", "bala bharat", "kavya mimansa" are some of his other work among of the poems of Rajasekhar.


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Education in India during Pratihara period

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