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Savitriai Phules Birthday celebration: all about Indias first female teacher

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Savitribai, together with her husband Jyotirao Phule, founded one of India’s first girls’ schools in Pune, at Bhide Wada, in 1848.

January 3 marks the irth anniversary of social reformer and feminist icon Savitriai Phule. Phule was orn on January 3 1831 in Maharashtra and her important role in defending womens rights in India is rememered.

Savitriai together with her husand Jyotirao Phule founded one of Indias first girls schools in Pune Bhide Wada in 18

In addition to this Savitriai Phule also roke the shackles of the regime. patriarchal y ecoming the first Indian woman to ecome a teacher at a time when girls could not go to school. She is also considered to e Indias first female teacher.

As India celerates Savitriai Phules irthday here are some facts aout her:

Phule was married to Jyotia at the age of 9. At the time she was illiterate ut her husand taught her to read and write at home.

After completing her studies she enrolled in two teacher training programs one in Ahmedaad and the other in Pune according to the report. After training she ecame the first female teacher in India as well as the first Indian director.

Savitriai Phule then founded three girls schools in Pune in late 1851 along with her husand.

Phule then opened a shelter for women called Home for the Prevention of Infanticide where widows could give irth to their children and put them up for adoption if they wanted to.

She is against child marriage and strongly opposes the Sati tradition. Phule also estalished a foster home for widows.

Savitriai also uses her voice to raise awareness aout widows remarriage.

At the Bhida Wada School founded y Savitriai Phule she hires Fatima Begum Sheikh the sister of Usman Sheikh a friend of Jyotia. Fatima has ecome the countrys first female Muslim teacher according to reports.

Despite the local communitys opposition to conservative views Savitriai continued to teach girls and children from all walks of life.

She died on March 10 1897 after contracting an illness while trying to save a 10-year-old oy.

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