8:34 pm - Wednesday January 23, 2019

World Trade Center

MVIRDC World Trade Centre Mumbai

More than a building, a movement, or an organization, the World Trade Centre concept brings togather business and government agencies
involved in foreign trade. The first of its kind in India, the World Trade Centre Mumbai brings under one roof all the agencies,
business know how and source of information connected with international trade. It is a regular operating member of the World Trade
Centres Association, New York, Whose Membership Comprises over 230 centres spread over 60 countries.

The world trade centre Mumbai is unique in the sense that it has been sponsored by an R&D organisation MVIRDC.

World Trade Centre’s Worldwide

  • World Trade Center,
    Strawinskylaan NR 1 1077 XW Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

  • The World Trade Center Association of Antwerp,
    Korte Sint Annastraat 11 2000 Antwerp,Belgium.

  • World Trade Center Baltimore,
    401 East Pratt Street Suite 1355 Baltimore,Maryland 21202 USA

  • World Trade Center Basel,
    lsteinerstrasse 53 CH-4021 Basel Switzerland

  • World Trade Center Beijing,
    RM 409 4/F, 2nd Central Bidg Hualong Street, Nanheyan East City District Beijing 100006 PRC

  • World Trade Center Bilbao,
    Alameda De Urquijo 10, 1 D 48008 Bilbao Spain.

  • World Trade Center Bogota
    Calie 98 No 9-03 PH Bogota Colombia, South America.

  • World Trade Center Boston,
    Executive Offices Suite 50 Boston, Massachusetts 02210-2004 USA.

  • World Trade Center Bremen,
    The Economic Development Corp.,Hanseatnehor 8 (Bremer Carree) 2800 Bremen 1 Germany.

  • World Trade Center Association Brussels,
    162 Boulevard Emile Jacqmain-Boite,12 B-1210 Brussels Belgium

  • World Trade Center Budapest,
    Hungarian Chamber of Commerce,Kossuth Lajos Ter 6-8 Budapest Hungary H-1055.

  • World Trade Center Cairo,
    1119 Cornich E1, P.O. Box 2007 Cairo Egypt.

  • World Trade Center Club Chengdu,
    18 F, No 15, Yongxingxiang Street Chengdu, Sichuan PRC.

  • Illinois World Trade Center Chicago,
    321 North Clerk Street, Suite 550 Chicago, Illinois 606-4714 USA.

  • World Trade Center Club Chongoing
    Room 3212-3214 Renmin Hotel No 175, Renmin Road Chongqing Sichuan Province,
    Peoples Republic of China.

  • World Trade Center Columbus,
    International Trade Development Office, Colombus Area Chamber of Commerce
    37 North High Street Colombus Ohio 43215 USA.

  • International Trade Centre Curacao,
    Piscadera Bay P.O. Box 6005 Curacao, Netherlands Antilles Dutch Caribbean.

  • Cyprus World Trade Center,
    Nicosia Chamber Bldg 38 Grivas Dhigenis Avenue, 3 Deligiorgia Street P.O. Box 1455, Nicosia Cyprus.

  • World Trade Center Denver,
    1625 Broadway, Suite 680 Denver, Colorado 80202 USA.

  • Dubai World Trade Center,
    P.O. Box 9292 Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

  • World Trade Center Edmonton,
    P.O. Box 1480 Edmonton, Aiberta Canada TSJ 2N5.

  • World Trade Center Eindhoven,
    N V Bogert 1 P.O. Box 2085 5600, CB Eindhoven The Netherlands.

  • World Trade Center Fort Lauderdale,
    Florida P.O. Box 13065, 1100 Lee Wagener BLVD,Fort Lauderdale Anti Airport, Fort Lauderdale,
    Florida 3331 5 USA.

  • World Trade Center Geneva,
    10, Route De L’Aeroport P.O. Box 306 1215, Geneva 15 Switzerland.

  • World Trade Center Genoa,
    Torre WTC – 1 gth Floor 16149 Genoa Italy.

  • Scandinavian World Trade Center,
    Massans Gata 18, P.O. Box 5253, 40225 Gothenburg Sweden.

  • World Trade Center Halifax,
    1800 Argyle Street, 8th Floor P.O. Box 955, Halifax Nova Scotia Canada 83J 2C9.

  • World Trade Center Club Hong Kong,
    2M/F&3/F World Trade Center Causeway Hong Kong.

  • South African Foreign Trade Organisation,
    P.O. Box 782706; 5th Floor, Export House CNR Maud & West Streets,
    Sandton, 2146 Republic of South Africa

  • Putra World Trade Center,
    Level 3, PWTC-UMNO Complex 41, Jalan Tun 1smail 50480, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia.

  • World Trade Center of Nigeria,
    Western House, 8th Floor 8/10 Broad Street Lagos, Nigeria.

  • Nevada World Trade Center,
    las Vegas 6330 S Eastern Avenue Suite 7; Las Vegas, Nevada 891 1 9 USA.

  • Le Havre World Trade Center,
    Quai George V 76600 Le Havre France.

  • World Flower Trade Center,
    P.O. Box 11 04, 1430 BC Aalsmeer The Netherlands.

  • World Trade Center Lexington,
    41 0 West Vine Street, Suite 290 Lexington, Kentucky 40507 USA.

  • World Trade Center lille,
    112 Rue De L’Hopital Militaire BP 209 59029, Lille Cedex France.

  • World Trade Center Lisbon,
    AV Do Brasil, 1 1700 Lisboa Portugal.

  • World Trade Center ljubljana,
    Titova 184; 61 113 ljubljana Slovenia.

  • London World Trade Center Association,
    International House, 1 St Katharine’s Way, London, El 9UN United Kingdom.

  • Greater Los Angeles World Trade Center,
    Long Beach Greater Los Angeles World Trade Center Assn.,One World Trade Center,
    Suite 295 Long Beach, California 90831-0295 USA.

  • World Trade Center Luxembourg,
    RR3, Rue Do La Logo L-1945 Luxembourg.

  • Lyon Commerce International,
    16 Rue De La Republique 69289 Lyon Cedex 02 France.

  • World Trade Center Malmo,
    Chamber of Commerce of Southern Sweden, Skeppsbron 2 S-21120 Malmo Sweden.

  • Manchester Chamber of Commerce & Industry,
    56 Oxford Street Manchester, M60 7HJ United Kingdom.

  • Mediterranean World Trade Center,
    Marseille, CMCI-2 Rue Henri Barbusse, 13241 Marseille Cedex 01 France.

  • World Trade Center Montreal,
    1253 McGill College Avenue Suite 404, Montreal, Quebec Canada HEB 2Y5.

  • World Trade Center Moscow
    V/0 Sovincentr, 12 Krasnopresnenskaya,NAB 123610 Moscow USSR.

  • World Trade Center Nantes,
    Centre Atiantique De Commerce International,16 Quai Ernest Renaud BP 718, 44027 Nantes Cedex 04 France.

  • World Trade Center of New Orleans,
    2, Canal Street, Suite 2900 New Orleans,Louisiana 70130 USA.

  • World Trade Center New York,
    The Port Authority of New York,One World Trade Center, Suite 35 East, New York, New York 10048 USA.

  • Virginia Port Authority,
    600 World Trade Center Norfolk, Virginia 2351 0 USA.

  • Greater Oriando Chamber of Commerce,
    P.O. Box 1234, Oriando, Florida 32802 USA.

  • World Trade Center Paris,
    Chamber of Commerce & Industry, 2 Rue De Viarmes 75001 Paris France.

  • The Arizona World Trade Association,
    34 W Monroo, Suite 900 Phoenix, Arizona 85003 USA.

  • World Trade Center Portland,
    One World Trade Center, Suite 250,121 Southwest Salmon Street Portland,Oregon 97204 USA.

  • World Trade Center Porto Sari,
    Av De Boavista 1269181 41 00 Porto Portugal.

  • World Trade Center Do Rio De-Janeiro,
    AV Rio Branco 99, 20th Floor 20040 Rio De Janeiro Brazil.

  • World Trade Center Rotterdam N V Beursplein,
    37 P.O. Box 30055 3001 D B Rotterdam The Netherlands.

  • World Trade Center Ruhr Valley Sparkassenstrasse,
    1 W-4650 Gelesenkirchen, Federal Republic of Germany.

  • Minnesota World Trade Center,
    St Paul 400 Minnesota World Trade Center, 30 East, 7th Street,St Paul, Minnesota 551 01 USA.

  • World Trade Center Sevilia,
    lsia De La Cartuja SIN Edificio WTC-Expo,41 01 0 Sevilla Spain.

  • World Trade Center Shanghai,
    33 Zhong Shah Dong Yi Lu Shanghai PRC.

  • Shenyang Sub-Council of CCPIT,
    44 Wenyi Road, Shenhe District, 5/F Liaoning Science & Technic Hall Shenyang PRC.

  • World Trade Center Singapore,
    1 Maritime Square, #09-72 Singapore 0409,Republic of Singapore.

  • Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce & Industry,
    AI Stamboiiiski Blvd Sofia, Bulgaria 1 1 A.

  • World Trade Center Split Institute for lnformaties & Telecommunications,
    Rudjera Boskovica 22 58000 Split Croatia.

  • World Trade Center Stockholm,
    Box 70354, 10724 Stockholm Sweden.

  • Maison Du Commerce lnternation De Strasbourg,
    lmmeuble “Le Concorde” 4 Quai Kleber, F 67056 Strasbourg Cedex France

  • World Trade Center Tacoma,
    3600 Port of Tacomc Road Suite 209 Tacoma, Washington 98424 USA.

  • Taipei World Trade Center Co Ltd.,
    4-8th Floor, Cetra Tower, 333 Keelung Road, Section 1, Taipei 10548 Taiwan.

  • World Trade Center Israel,
    Industry House, 29, Hamered Street Tel-Aviv, 18125 Israel.

  • The World Trade Center of Japan,
    P.O. Box 57, World Trade Center Bidg No. 4-1, 2-Chome, Hamamtsu-Cho, Minato-Ku, Tokyo 105 Japan.

  • Toledo World Trade Center,
    828 Prouty Street, Toledo, Ohio 43609-3220 USA.

  • World Trade Center Toronto,
    60 Harbour Street, Toronto, Ontario Canada MSJ 187.

  • World Trade Center Trinidad & Tobago,
    Airports Authority of Trinidad & Tobago, Airports Administration Centre Caroni,
    North Bank Road Piarco, P.O. Box 1273 Port of Spain Trinidad.

  • World Trade Center Vancouver,
    The Vancouver Board of Trade, 999 Canada Place, Suite 400 Vancouver, B 0 Canada V6C 3C1

  • World Trade Center Wichita Epic Center,
    301 North Main, Suite 1860 Wichita, Kansas 67202 USA.

  • World Trade Center Wilmington
    Greater Wilmington Chamber of Commerce, P.O. Box 330 Wilmington, North Carolina 28402 USA.

  • World Trade Center Vienna- Airport,
    A-1 300 Wien-Flughafen Austria.

  • World Trade Center Surabaya,
    Jalan Pemuda 27-31 Surabaya 60275 Indonesia.

  • Guadaiajara World Trade Center,
    Av De Las Rosas No 2965 Guadaiajara, Jalisco CP 44530 Mexico.

  • World Trade Center Hamburg,
    Neuer Wall 50, 2000 Hamburg 36, Federal Republic of Germany.

  • World Trade Center lrvine,
    1, Park Plaza, Suite 150 lrvine, California 92714 USA.

  • World Trade Center Leipzig,
    Grassistrasse 12 0-7010 Leipzig, Federal Republic of Germany.

  • World Trade Center of Panama,
    P.O. Box 6-2432, Calle Soy Calle Colombia Belia Vista, Panama City Republic of Panama.

  • Wisconsin World Trade Center Madison,
    8401 Greenway Boulevard Middleton, Wisconsin 53562 USA.

  • World Trade Center Shenzhen,
    2/F Area B, lnti Trade Conter Mansion, Renmin South Road Shenzhen 518014,
    Peoples Republic of China.

  • World Trade Center Taichung,
    60 Tienpao Street Taichung 40706 Taiwan.

  • Taipei World Trade Center Co Ltd.,
    4-8th Floor, Cetra Tower 333 Keelung Road,Section 1, Taipei 10548 Taiwan.

  • World Trade Center Tainjin Tianjin Leader (Group) Corp,
    3 Xinyuan, Kunming Road Heping
    District 300050 Tianjin, Peoples Republic of China.