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Weddings in India

Indian Weddings

Indian marriages are known for their opulent and vibrant look but in real there is much more than just the gloss and glamour in an Indian wedding ceremony. In fact, the Indian wedding ceremonies more..

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  Wedding Decoration Tips

Traditional Hindu weddings are grand affair. It normally takes place over several days with elaborate ceremonies, which lasts up to one week. Indian wedding function is divided in to three sections pre wedding functions, more..

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Pre Wedding Functions

Indian weddings are known for their grandeur and elaborate nature. Though the main wedding function is limited to few hours on the wedding day, the pre-wedding rituals and customs go on for no less more..

Engagement Ceremony
Mehendi Celebration
Sangeet Party
Tilak Ceremony
  Post Wedding Functions

Marriage speaks of love, commitment, companionship and empathy. It is considered as an important landmark in one's life. In Hindu custom, tradition wedding is celebrated for several days. It is mostly divided into three more..

Hindu Marriage Rituals
Mangalsutra - The Sacred Symbol of Marriage
Solah Shringar for Indian Bride
Hindu Marriages

Hindu marriages signify customs, rituals and elaborate celebrations and are full of fun and frolic. Indian weddings speak volumes of the rich culture, heritage and ethnicity of the country. Every region follows its own more..

Var Mala
  Indian Wedding Day Functions

In Indian society, marriage is not just a social custom. It is an institution, which teaches us lots of things about life. Wedding function is considered as the biggest event in one's lifetime, and more..

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Indian Wedding Reception
Decorating A Wedding Reception Hall
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Muslim Wedding Ceremony

Muslim wedding ceremony is celebrated with grandeur. Muslim wedding, known as 'Nikaah' in Urdu, can take place at any convenient time, because there is nothing like muhurat (the auspicious time) for the Muslims. Traditionally, more..

Muslim Pre-Wedding Rituals
Muslim Wedding Rituals
Muslim Post-Wedding Rituals
  Malayalee Wedding Ceremony

Contrary to the perception of the 'big fat Indian wedding', which generally involve a series of customs and ceremonies, the marriage organized in a typical Malayalee style is very simple and brief. Although elaborate more..

Malayalee Pre-Wedding Rituals
Malayalee Wedding Rituals
Malayalee Post-Wedding Rituals
Kannada Wedding Ceremony

Unlike the other parts of India, wedding in Karnataka is not a glittering or resplendent affair. It, instead, is a simple affair that mostly is concerned with the practice of rituals and traditions. Kannada more..

Kannada Pre Wedding Rituals
Kannada Wedding Rituals
Kannada Post Wedding Rituals
  Kashmiri Wedding Ceremony

Kashmir is popularly known as the "Paradise on Earth". Flaunting beautiful valleys, snow covered mountain peaks, stretching plains with flowerbeds and frizzy air, the place has a unique folk-lore, dress, language, traditions and cuisine. more..

Kashmiri Pre Wedding Rituals
Kashmiri Wedding Rituals
Kashmiri Post Wedding Rituals
Oriya Wedding Ceremony

Located on the east coast of India, by the Bay of Bengal, Orissa is one of the most beautiful and stunning states of India. The people in Orissa believe in simple living and are more..

Oriya Pre Wedding Rituals
Oriya Wedding Rituals
Oriya Post Wedding Rituals
  Tamil Wedding Ceremony

Tamilians have their own rituals followed before, during and after the wedding, which look very vibrant. All the customs are followed with religious observance. All the people, right from the prospective bride and the more..

Tamil Pre-Wedding Rituals
Tamil Wedding Rituals
Tamil Post-Wedding Rituals
Bengali Wedding Ceremony

Bengalis have a rich culture to boast of and a whole set of interesting rituals for their marriages. Each Bengali wedding is made special in its own terms, by the colorful traditions and customs more..

Bengali Pre-Wedding Rituals
Bengali Wedding Rituals
Bengali Post-Wedding Rituals
  Punjabi Wedding Ceremony

Punjabis are large hearted people who love splendor and grandeur. They are also keen on festivals and celebrations. This nature of Punjabis also reflects in their marriage celebrations. Like other Indian weddings, a Punjabi more..

Pre Wedding Punjabi Rituals
Punjabi Wedding Rituals
Post-Wedding Punjabi Rituals
Jain Wedding Ceremony

India is a land of diversity. Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Sikhs, Buddhists and Jain stay here in harmony and peace. The culture of India is made rich and diversified with the rich cultural tradition of more..

Pre Wedding Jain Rituals
Jain Wedding Rituals
Post-Wedding Jain Rituals
  Maithil Brahmin Wedding Ceremony

India is a land of diverse cultures and traditions. Boasting of being the world's largest democracy, the country is home to various religious communities, tribes, races and castes. Each of the community has its more..

Maithil Brahmin Pre Wedding Rituals
Maithil Brahmin Wedding Rituals
Maithil Brahmin Post Wedding Rituals
Sindhi Wedding Ceremony

Originally hailing from the Sapt Sindhu, the area of the Sindhu River, Sindhis have become one of the major business communities in India. Popularly found in and around metropolitan cities and townships, Sindhi people more..

Sindhi Pre Wedding Rituals
Sindhi Wedding Rituals
Sindhi Post Wedding Rituals
  Telugu Wedding Ceremony

The traditional Telugu wedding ceremony is organized in a unique way. It is an elaborate affair, wherein a number of rituals are conducted before, during and after the marriage. The preparations for the festive more..

Telugu Wedding Rituals
Telugu Post-Wedding Rituals
Telugu Pre-Wedding Rituals
Maharashtrian Wedding Ceremony

The Maharashtrian wedding is full of pomp and show, exhibiting magnificent grandeur. The rituals followed in the marriage are reflect the indigenous Maharashtrian vibrant and colorful culture. Usually, marriages among the Maharashtrians take place more..

Maharashtrian Pre-Wedding Rituals
Maharashtrian Wedding Rituals
Maharashtrian Post-Wedding Rituals
  Assamese Wedding Ceremony

In the land of cultural ethnicity - India - you can witness myriad rituals and variations in the customs, as you travel across the length and breadth of the subcontinent. The traditions followed down more..

Assamese Pre-Wedding Rituals
Assamese Wedding Rituals
Jewish Wedding Ceremony

Though this might come to you as a surprise, but in Judaism, marriage is considered as the idyllic state of personal existence. An unmarried person, whether man or woman, is considered incomplete. Jewish wedding more..

Jewish Pre Wedding Rituals
Jewish Wedding Rituals
Jewish Post Wedding Ritual
  Marwari Wedding Ceremony

Belonging to the Marwar region of South Western Rajasthan state in Western India, Marwari is one of the richest classes of people of India. The sect boasts of some wonderful cultural and ritual traditions more..

Marwari Pre Wedding Rituals
Marwari Wedding Rituals
Marwari Post Wedding Rituals
Buddhist Wedding Ceremony

Buddhist Religion is known for its simplicity and the same is reflected in its wedding ceremony also. Unlike most of the traditional Indian wedding, the Buddhist wedding is very simple, without any pomp and more..

Pre Wedding Buddhist Rituals
Buddhist Wedding Rituals
  Gujarati Wedding Ceremony

Gujarati people are vibrant and lively people. They love to celebrate all their festivals and ceremonies with great pomp and show and Gujarati marriage ceremonies are thus no exception. Known for the colorful clothing, more..

Gujarati Wedding Attire
Pre-Wedding Gujarati Rituals
Gujarati Wedding Rituals
Post Wedding Gujarati Rituals
Planning Your Honeymoon

Wedding is the most important occasion in the life of an individual, which signifies an end to the single phase of his/her life and entry into a married, much more responsible stage. It marks more..

Honeymoon Destinations In India
Planning Your Honeymoon
Honeymoon Packages
  Indian Bride

Wedding, be it in India, America or Brazil, marks the most important event in the life of a person, when he/she leaves behind his/her single life and gets ready to share his/her each and more..

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Indian Groom

There was a time when the only preparation that an Indian groom used to make, in context of his wedding, was to buy his wedding dress. On the D-day, he did nothing more than more..

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Choosing Wedding Suits
  Indian Wedding Features

In India, marriage has a special significance, since it is believed to bring together not only two people, but two families as well. It involves a lot of customs and rituals, all having deep more..

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Marriage Problems

Just as we all know, life is not a bed of roses. Things do not work as smoothly as we expect them to. In such circumstances, we often change ways, make compromises, negotiate with more..

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In Laws Marriage Problem
Financial Problems In Marriage
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  Indian Wedding Preparation

Unlike the West, an Indian Wedding is more a religious ritual than a social ceremony. That is why; an Indian wedding is full of several traditional rituals and cultural customs being followed from centuries. more..

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Indian Wedding Planners

Till a few years back, nobody had even heard of the term 'wedding planner', forget about hiring someone in the capacity. However, today, a major proportion of the weddings are being handled by theprofessionals more..

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  Post Wedding Preparation

Wedding, in India, is a grand affair and is characterized by hectic preparation, planning and organization. Even the simplest of wedding requires immense arrangement and preparation. Just like wedding rituals are divided into three more..

Wedding Car Decoration
Main Day Function

Indian wedding is a grand affair and involves adherence to a large number of customs and rituals. These traditions can be subdivided into three groups - pre-wedding, wedding and post-wedding. The sheer number of ceremonies, more..

Main Day Function
Wedding Drinks And Snacks
Indian Wedding Feast
Wedding Stage & Mandap Decor