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Baby Names Meanings Origin
Ahlam Witty; One who has pleasant dreams; Imaginative Indian
Aida Visiting; Returning Indian
Aisha Living; Prosperous; Wife of Prophet Muhammad Indian
Aishwarya Prosperous Indian
Ajastha Indian
Ajita A Winner Indian
Akanksha Wish Indian
Akhila Complete Indian
Akshara Letter Indian
Akshata Rice Indian
Akshi Existence Indian
Alak World; Beautiful tresses Indian
Alaknanda A river Indian
Alia Exalted; Highest social standing Indian
Alisha Protected Indian
Alka Beauty Indian
Almas Diamond Indian
Aloki Brightness Indian
Alpa Small Indian
Alpana Beautiful Indian
Amani Wishes; Aspirations Indian
Amatullah Female servant of Allah Indian
Amba Goddess Durga Indian
Ambika Goddess Parvati Indian
Ambuja Goddess Lakshmi Indian
Ameena Trustworthy; Faithful Indian
Ameera Leader; Princess Indian
Ami Nectar Indian
Amishi Pure Indian
Amita Limitless Indian
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