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Baby Names Meanings Origin
Abdul-Salaam Servant of the Peace Indian
Abdul-Waahid Servant of the One Indian
Abdul-Wadood Servant of the Loving Indian
Abdullah Servant of God Indian
Abed Worshipper Indian
Abedin Worshippers Indian
Abhay Fearless Indian
Abheek Fearless Indian
Abhijay Victor Indian
Abhijeet Lord Krishna Indian
Abhilash Wish; Desire Indian
Abhinav An act Indian
Abhiraj Fearless King Indian
Abhishek Ritual Indian
Abhyudaya Luck Indian
Abimanyu Arjuna's Son Indian
Abu Bakr The companion of Prophet Muhammad Indian
Abul Khayr One who does good Indian
Achintya Lord Shiva Indian
Adarsh Ideal Indian
Adham Black Indian
Adhiraj King Indian
Adil Sincere Indian
Adinath Lord Vishnu Indian
Abhijat noble, wise Indian
Adit First Born Indian
Adnan Proper name Indian
Advaita Focussed Indian
Advay Unique Indian
Afeef Chaste; Modest Indian
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