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Baby Names Meanings Origin
ALAFIN A title meaning "king" once used by the Yoruba people of Nigeria. african
ALI Swahili and Muslim name meaning "noble, exalted." african
ALPHA Guinean male name meaning "leader." african
AMADI Ibo of Nigeria unisexual name, referring to the Sun God, meaning "rejoice." african
AMAN Amharic of Ethiopia name meaning "peace."It is often used as a nickname. african
AMARE Amharic and Tigrinya of Ethiopia name meaning "he is good looking." african
AMARI Yoruba of Nigeria name meaning "strength, builder." african
AMAZU Ibo of Nigeria name meaning "no one knows everything." african
ANWAR Moorish name meaning "lustrious, bright, shiny." african
AREN Nigerian name meaning "eagle." Also, a Scandinavian name meaning "rule" or "eagle." african
ASAD Somalian name meaning "lion." african
ASANTE Kiswahili word for "thank you." african
ASHUR Swahili name for a child born during the Muslim month of Ashur. african
ASSEFA Amharic of Ethiopia name meaning "he has increased our family by coming into this world." african
ATA A Ghana name for a twin. african
ATU Fante of Ghana name meaning "born on Saturday." african
AYO Of uncertain African origin.Means "happiness." african
AYUB Muslim name meaning "penitent" and referring to the biblical Job. african
AYUBU Swahili equivalent of Ayub, meaning "patience in suffering; perseverence." african
AZEKEL Angolanname meaning "praising the lord." african
AZI Nigerian name meaning "youth." african
AZIBO African name meaning "the whole earth." african
AZIKIWE African name meaning "full of vigor." african
AZIZI Swahili name and Kiswahili word meaning "a treasure, excellent; precious one." african
BABATUNDE Yoruba of Nigeria name meaning "father has returned" which means the child resembles one of his grandfathers.Variant, Tunde, exists. african
BABU A Kiswahili name meaning "grandfather."Also, a West African name meaning "willing." african
BABUKAR Wolof of Senegal name.Meaning unknown. african
BADRU Swahili name meaning "born at full moon." african
BADU An Ashanti of Ghana name meaning "tenth-born child." african
BARRY A Guinean surname meaning the family comes from the Peul, Fulani, or Foulbe ethnic groups of West Africa. african
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