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Minor girl gang-raped in moving car in D...

Minor girl gang-raped in moving car in Delhi, one accused arrested

A young girl has been gang-raped in a moving car in Delhi; one of her alleged attackers has been arrested while two others are missing. The police says they live near the girl. The abandoned car has been found. matrimony read more »

Manna Dey, legendary singer, dies at the...

Manna Dey, legendary singer, dies at the age of 94

Manna Dey, one of Indian cinema’s golden voices, died in a Bangalore hospital today. He was 94. Mr Dey was taken to ICU on Wednesday to be treated for respiratory illness and renal failure. He has been in and out of hospital the last few months and was on dialysis in September. matrimony read more »

Social media: things to learn and unlear...

Social media: things to learn and unlearn from China

The Social Network: As the Chinese premiere and the Indian Prime Minster meet in Beijing, we discuss what was missing from the agenda: the cyber security policies of the two nations. We also discuss what India can learn from China’s revenue generating social media and internet model and... read more »

Gandhi for auction: Should government in...

Gandhi for auction: Should government intervene?

Agenda: A London auction house will put Mahatma Gandhi’s charkha and other personal items for auction after Diwali. Should the government intervene or are we too sentimental? Watch Agenda with the Mahatma’s granddaughter Tara Gandhi.Watch full video:... read more »

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Border on the boil, India-Pakistan ties on the brink?

The Buck Stops Here: As Pakistan makes international border the new flashpoint, sources tell NDTV that continued ceasefire violations is a result of General Ashfaq Kayani wanting to... read more »

I don’t care if I’m killed one day like my grandmother and father: Rahul Gandh...

Rahul Gandhi today hit out at the BJP for what he called its divisive politics, using emotional memories of his grandmother, former prime minister Indira Gandhi and father, Rajiv Gandhi,... read more »

The story behind Azamgarh’s stigma of being called a ‘terrorist hub’

In this special report on religious terrorism, we investigate what led to the district of Azamgarh into being called a ‘terrorist hub’. We explore the reasons behind why... read more »

Caught on camera: Police thrash labourers for working on disputed building

Policemen were seen thrashing up labourers for allegedly working on repairing a disputed building in Sambhal district of Uttar Pradesh. The police had reportedly warned them earlier to... read more »

Priyanka Chopra angered by ‘sexist’ rumours

Speaking to NDTV, Priyanka Chopra brushed off rumours of her having refused to share stage with Kangana and adds that such reports are sexist. She also asks why such rumours don’t arise when... read more »