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Decorating For Summer

Budget seasonal renovation can be very exciting and relaxing. Summer decoration helps you create a cool summer home and at the same time lends you a golden opportunity to show your creativity. Give an eye soothing effect to your home this summer. It's an interplay of colors and fabrics that can change the very look of your house.

Avoid patchy look as it brings warmth. Maintain fewer items in your room, as it will make your room look bigger. Wooden lampshades are a no for summers. To beat the summer heat, give a natural appearance by using varied types of plants and flowers. Flowers can be a good theme in summers.

Try out different light colors like baby pink, sky blue etc. If you want bright shades then opt for their pastel shades or else go in for neutrals. Brass items should be replaced with clear crystals. Give different cool flooring styles. Wooden or Bamboo flooring needs to be changed. The best way is to go in for bare floors.

Wall paint is the most prominent when someone enters the room. So, give your wall a refreshing feel. You can try out some light wall colors like beige, fawn and light pink etc. If you've got your walls painted in the last season only, then you can try out different simple designs in wallpapers. Don't hang too many things on the wall. You can use one or two walls for hanging beautiful sceneries, calendar etc.

Keep the windows open for the cool airy effect and remove all dark bright colored stuff. Check out some light cool fabric bed sheets and pillow covers. Place the furniture against the wall. It gives a bigger and a cozier look. So, this season give your house a makeover and see it will also enlighten your mood and bring magic to your life.


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