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Painting Wood Panel

Painting wooden panels in a room will brighten up the room. Painted wooden panels will add character to the room irrespective of the décor of the room. Before painting the panels think carefully and make sure that this is what your want. Once painted, stripping the paint off the panels is an extremely tedious task. Here are few tips on how to go about painting wooden panels.

Things you require to start painting:

  • Powdered wall cleaner
  • Sandpaper and a sanding block
  • Liquid sandpaper (optional)
  • Tack cloth
  • Clear lacquer
  • Paintbrushes
  • Stain-blocking primer or Alkyd primer
  • Latex paint

Tips to paint the panel:

  1. Thoroughly clean the panel, removing dirt and sediments of wood care products. Use only powdered cleanser and not liquid cleaners. The products that have to be sprayed leave a thin layer, which may prevent smooth application of paint on the wooden panel. Wash off with water and leave to dry completely.
  2. Insert sand paper into sanding block and sand the surface that has to be painted. Sanding is done to roughen and prepare the surface for painting. Dull all shiny spots. If you prefer using liquid sandpaper do so. Follow instructions given on the bottle.
  3. Use tack cloth to wipe of dust from sanding. If there are knots in the panel apply clear lacquer and let dry completely.
  4. Use an alkyd primer that matches the color of the base coat to prime the panels. Dry completely. Apply two fine coats of latex paint to finish off. If the original color of the panel is very dark the use a primer with a stain block, which will prevent the dark color from showing through.
  5. For a simple, easy to maintain look use an eggshell finish, it is glossy an easy to clean. To give a room a slightly glamorous look use faux finishes. Another kind of finish that you can try is to paint a base color, then apply glaze in a different color and then with the help of graining tool to give a striped look.
  6. Buy good quality paint and buy a little more than you need as you will not get the same color if you run short later on.
  7. If the previous paint was oil-based and you are planning to use a latex paint this time, then apply a primer before painting.
  8. Flat finishes are best for concealing wall imperfections. This finish is good for room where there is little activity like bedrooms, hallways etc.
  9. Eggshell paint or paint with a little more shine is best for children's rooms, where it adds a little brightness and is easy to clean.
  10. Use semi gloss that has more sheen to it and is more reflective is great for kitchens and bathrooms.
  11. Gloss or high shine paint are best for cabinets and trims. High sheen emphasizes defects that are present on the surface.


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