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Planning Bathrooms

Bathrooms and toilets have always been mused as the intellectuals to spend some time alone and do some thinking and be with peace with oneself. An ideal bath retreat at home may not have a spa, a luxurious Jacuzzi or a whirlpool but is still a place that soothes one's eyes and mind at once and make the person feel comfortable. It is efficient and beautiful at the same time and should be able to make the day for you. Planning and designing a new bathroom or remodeling the one that is already existing needs a careful execution to minimize spending more than your budget and get what you desired originally.

Whether you will be making just a few cosmetic changes for remodeling your bathroom or completely tear down the old bath and replace it with a new one depends on the time, space available and your budget. There can be two ways of execution plans you can adopt:

1. Step-by-step plan, and
2. Finishing the complete project at once.

While undertaking the latter approach is of course efficient and cheaper, it may become inconvenient as you may require a spare bathroom to use in the meanwhile, do or manage many things at once including framing, plumbing, light and faucet fittings, tiling and painting and it can be real taxing on your pocket. So, it may be more suitable for only the new bathrooms while you can adopt the former approach for the remodeling projects.

While designing a bath for homes, it is important to take the following into consideration beforehand:

  • Other bathrooms that you can use in your home or your friend's temporarily,

  • Make the budget carefully and include the costs of faucets, fixtures and light fittings; lumber, and finishing materials; pipes and fittings; curtains, flooring and accessories such as towels, spas and warmers and fireplaces.

  • You may want to keep some of the existing features or items, may recycle some of the architectural and other items available very inexpensively at thrift stores and do a good research into the options available to you before buying expensive items.

  • Architectural drafting with detailed drawings and some of the computer applications can help you to visualize the features and design and décor elements you desire in your finished bathroom.

  • Be sure to know the requirements and established codes of the building, society and locality you live in and the permissions and authority letters that you may require before making the changes and stick to the rules and regulations to avoid inconveniences later.


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