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A couple of days before the Christmas season sets in, people begin to come up with distinctive decorative ideas. While starting off with Christmas decoration, it is wise to set up your budget and decide on the theme on which you would be working. Budget seasonal décor is well planned and leads to more concrete decorative ideas. Here are a couple of tips for decorating your home:

  • Set a theme and embellish in accordance with it. You can follow either a monochromatic theme or multicolored scheme. Flowers can be a good theme.
  • Small artistic items add to the beauty of the house. Like Christmas is more associated with X Mas tree, stockings, Santa Claus, small gifts, stars, beautiful candles etc. Try these small decorative items using your creativity. There is a wide range of glaze papers, sketch pens and glittery sparkles.
  • Beautify the Christmas tree. Cut the cardboard in different shapes and sizes and prepare gift boxes and stars and flowers and attach it on the branches of the X Mas tree.
  • Colorful stockings are very easy to prepare. People who are good at stitching and knitting, this is the apt time to show your talent.
  • Teddy bears and dolls are the best option if you have chosen a Toyland theme. Dress these teddies in pretty clothes. Tie colored ribbons around their neck. Give a nice hairstyle to your Barbie doll. Stuffed toys are the best way of decorating kids room.
  • These days' artistic candles are selling like hot cakes. You can easily prepare them at home.
  • Christmas preparation is incomplete without a cake. Do the topping with gems, nutties, dry fruits etc.

Thus we can use the waste products or normal household items to our best advantage to adorn our sweet home and give it a new fresh look


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