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The exterior of your house is as important as the interior of the house. It is the exteriors that will give a visitor the first impression on how the interiors are going to be. The home exteriors are subject to ware and tear by the elements of nature, so care must be taken to lay the exteriors well and with good quality materials. There are certain portions of the exteriors that once laid are expensive and difficult to relay. At a certain point in the construction of your house, work will take place simultaneously in the interior and exterior of the house. Here are some tips on how the exterior work should be carried out.

  • It is best to pour the garage flooring and install the drywall in the garage before installing the garage doors. It is easier to install the drywall before the garage doors are in place. Get doors that are insulated. Install the required wiring for an automatic door, though you do not intend to install them.
  • If you have planned Brick Work or Rock Face on part of the house, it is better to do it before the stucco or siding is applied. While choosing the color or style of bricks or rock to be used, take a piece of siding and trim so that you can match the colors.
  • While the siding is being installed the worker will install gutters as well. Siding comes in a variety of materials and styles. Some subdivisions lay down what material has to be used for siding. Use vinyl siding to reduce maintenance. Wrap wooden posts and bare wood with vinyl as well.
  • If the weather is fine stuccoing can be done at this time. First a layer of building paper with webbed wiring is put on the house. Then a layer of scratch coat is applied and finally a coat of paint of your choice is applied.
  • After your plot has been backfilled and graded, you can begin work on the driveway, garage floor and sidewalks. If you pour your sidewalk too close to the foundation, cracks may form at the corners. Leave some space between the sidewalk and the foundation wall. You can choose from a variety of surfaces for your sidewalk like, plain concrete, stamped, a number of surfaces can be applied.
  • Decking should be done after the siding is prepared. Deck finishing comes in different types like painted, stained or vinyl. It is best to choose something that needs little or no maintenance and is durable.
  • If the deck is about 24" or more above the ground then you need a railing for it. Some types of railings need to be maintained on a daily basis and other are relatively maintenance free. Railings are available in wooden, aluminum, plastic and glass etc.
  • Many subdivisions have rules for landscaping and a time limit for completion. When you buy your land you have give a performance deposit to the subdivision. Once the exterior of the house and the landscaping is completed according to the rules, this deposit is returned.

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