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House Framing Tips

Once framing begins work seems to progress quickly. At this time it is best to be organized and keep track of the trades required and the material that they require to complete their jobs. Here are few tips on the things that you should remember at the time.

  • All the material should be delivered on time from the lumberyard.
  • Order Trusses, windows and doors.
  • Apply for a Gas Meter.
  • This is the time to make alterations if necessary. Later on it will not only be messy but expensive also.
  • Make sure that you are getting the best framing deal possible.
  • When the framers are ready to fix the trusses, a crane should be made available to lift the trusses to the roof.
  • Install large items like bathtubs while the framing is going on, as it may not be easy to do this later on.
  • Installing the heating system should be done before the plumbing as; it is easier for the plumber to work even after the heating is installed and not vice versa.
  • Places where the cabinets are to be installed should be marked out so that the heating and plumbing job is easier.
  • Inspection for heating installations is not required. But ensure that the pipes do not squeak.
  • Rough in for air-conditioning should be installed.
  • Roof vents should be installed before work on the roof begins. The roofers will install vents for ventilation of the attic.
  • Before the electrician beings wiring he should know where the cabinets are to be placed.
  • Guide the electrician through the house and show him where you would like the outlets to be placed.
  • Install good quality stove and bathroom fans.
  • The telephone company and cable company should be called in to install the required wires.
  • Windows and doors should be delivered as the framers finish the roof so that they can finish all the framing at one time.
  • Ensure that the price quoted for the window includes the price of the screen and the night locks.
  • Choose between wood and vinyl windows.
  • Plumbing and Heating will be inspected by City Hall.
  • The Provisional Inspector will inspect electrical system.
  • The Building inspector from City Hall will inspect the framing.

Though inspections seem painful they are there to ensure that your house is safe and comfortable for you to live in. Required changes can be made without much fuss at this stage. So make sure that you have all the inspections conducted.


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