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Biography: An everflowing spring of inspiriation

The biography of Shivaji Maharaj has an answer for any problem faced by a Hindu or Indian politicians; however for this purpose the biography should be read with shrewdness and insight. If read by Hindus with the immoderate vision of Gandhi with respect to non-violence, truth, pleasing Muslims, or the coloured spectacles of Nehru who with the concept of 'all religions are equal' meted out inferior treatment to Hindus, then Hindus will not even become aware of when they were circumscribed! Gandhi, Nehru and their descendants had created terror in the minds of the people about what they would have to suffer if they even uttered the name of Shivaji Maharaj. In fact Shivaji Maharaj has been totally eliminated from the history text books at the Secondary school level. History on Shivaji Maharaj is taught and finished in the III or IV standards as if they are fairy tales for children to read and forget. Politicians have ensured that youths and adults do not get any inspiration from the biography of Shivaji Maharaj simply because it is an everflowing spring of inspiration for Hindus! This is a small effort made to get a sip of water from this this pure spring on the occasion of the birth anniversary of Shivaji Maharaj tomorrow!

Shivaji Maharaj's inspiration to protect Hinduism!

Since childhood Shivaji Maharaj was fully aware that he had to fight the Mughals. In his book 'Chatrapati Shivaji Maharajanche Saptaprakaranatmak Charitra' Malhar Ramrav Chitnis has described the mindset of Prince Shivaji when living with his father Shahajiraje at Vijapur. He pens Prince Shivaji's thoughts as, "We are Hindus. These Yavans (Muslims) are inferior to us. There is none more inferior than them. I am distressed by serving them, eating food served by them, flattering them or even greeting them. It is so wrong to see the ridicule of one's own religion. As we walk down the road we see cows being slaughtered. At that time I feel like beheading the killers and the distress grows even more. What is the use of living to see a cow being tormented ? I am compelled to remain silent because of being reprimanded by my father otherwise I feel like killing the one indulging in cow slaughter. It is not at all good to be in the company of Muslims. So also it is inappropriate to go to the court (darbar) of the emperor or to visit every wealthy man." As soon as he returned from the Vijapur court he would bathe and change clothing. It is at this very age that young Prince Shivaji showed his valorous nature by chopping off the hand of a butcher who was dragging a cow for slaughter in another kingdom!

Inspiration endowed by Chatrapati Shivaji is very clear from the above incidents. The biographer has strengthened this further in the following words of Shivaji Maharaj, "We are Hindus. The entire southern region has been invaded by the Muslims and our religion is going downhill. Hence one should not hesitate to sacrifice even one's life to protect religion. By doing so one would add to one's treasure of valorous deeds". Soon thereafter by taking the vow of Raieshvari and conquering the 'Torana' fort Shivaji Maharaj revealed his nature to the world.

Talk about Muslims in Shivaji's army and their valorous deeds!

Today people are talking of the concept of 'equality of religions' in society. The Congress party is trying to depict him as non-communal and secular. Nowadays some Hindu protagonists are trying to drag Shivaji Maharaj into the camp of secularism by making statements such as 'there were Muslim soldiers in his army'. Really these are pearls of wisdom by these so-called ardent (hypocrite) lovers of Hinduism!

In this context the author of the book 'Marathi Riyasati' and a great historian, Sardessai writes, "Towards 1649, 500-700 Pathans from Vijapur came to Shivaji Maharaj in search of jobs. Though he did not approve of employing them, with the counsel of Gomaji Naik Pansabal that 'these people have come after hearing about your popularity so please do not disappoint them. If you remain adamant that you will employ only Hindus and that you do not need others then you will not be able to establish a kingdom. So include all eighteen communities of all four varna (classes) of society and should allow them to carry out their own duties' he employed the servitors of Radho Ballal Korde. However these Hindu protagonists are ignorant about facts in this context that the monarch also ensured that there were spies to keep watch on those Muslim soldiers!

If these 500- 700 soldiers made any attempt to divide the army then as was prevalent in those days he would also not hesitate to punish them (by throwing them over the cliff). It was not like today when a perpetrator of the India Parliament instead of being hanged goes scot free simply because he is a Muslim! In this context a historian researcher Mr. Ninad Bedekar says, "A new idea that Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj had 'several' Muslims in his army is being projected. I will quote a few names. You can give me the rest ! When Prince Shivaji came to the Jagirs of Pune, Indore and Supe, of the representatives of Shahajiraje only three were Muslims, namely Siddi Ambar Bagdadi, Jainkhan Peerzade and Bahalimkhan. Of some more Muslims associated with Shivaji Maharaj were Nurkhan Beg the chief of his infantry. But the truth is that later at some juncture all these people were driven off because no mention of their names is made anywhere in the historical annals. After 1675 B.C. these people are nowhere in the picture. That way the British army also employed Indians as soldiers. Afzal Khan who attacked Shivaji Maharaj employed 3000 Maulas in his army, so can we call him secular ? Then why is this cord (like an iguana) of secularism wound tightly around necks of Hindus alone ? Claiming that Shivaji Maharaj was secular simply because he had a few Muslim soldiers in his army is an indicator of an over liberal intellect.

Promotion of Sanskrut in honour of Hinduism!

In the fight for independence and establishing his own kingdom, in every aspect Shivaji Maharaj did everything possible to promote Hinduism. His assembly of eight ministers was formed based on Hindu ideals. One comes across this concept of eight ministers in the Ramayan and the Mahabharat. King Dashrath too had eight ministers. In the Shantiparva of the Mahabharat also it has been suggested that exchange of thoughts of eight ministers is necessary. During the coronation ceremony Maharaj changed the Persian names of the ministers to Sanskrut as follows -


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