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Naturopathy is the system of healing in which diseases are cured by means of all natural and rational remedies such as light, water, air, heat, exercise, diet and other physiological measures. Naturopathy is built upon the dictum of Hippocrates, the father of medicine, who declared "Nature cures; not the physicians". Naturopathy is a combination of different methods of natural healing. It is also a way of life. It is known by different names - Nature Cure, the natural methods, the New science of healing and Healing from within. Fasting to relieve the symptoms of an upset stomach, using water as a healing aid or eating a sensible balanced diet to maintain good health are all examples of Naturopathy.

The origins of the practice can be traced back over two thousand years to the time of Hippocrates. Hippocrates and his colleagues considered disease to be an effect of some imbalance in the elements like air, water and other natural factors such as food.

The basis of the modern practice can be traced back to the beginning of the19th century and to people such as Preissnitz a therapist in Germany, who used the beneficial effects of water as a therapy (hydrotherapy). It is an important aspect of Naturopathy. Towards the end of the 19th century in Bavaria, Father Kneipp, a monk, who was obviously a Naturopath treated an American Benedictine by the name of Lust. As a result of his recovery, Lust stayed with Kneipp to study his particular methods of healing and upon returning to the United states he established his own form of natural medicine which he called Naturopathy. Thus at the beginning of the 19th century, Naturopathy began to be formally recognised. The blend of therapies employed by Lust included nutrition and natural diet, Homeopathy, herbal medicine, Hydrotherapy, Chiropractic and the management of stress. The term 'Naturopathy' was created by Dr.Scheel of New York city.

An unhealthy lifestyle can cause many diseases. So it is better to avoid a diet high in fat, salt and refined Carbohydrates, smoking, excess consumption of alcohol and high stress levels. Naturopathy advocates a new life style with corrective habits such as exercise, a good diet and a moderate approach towards all things Naturopathic life style should be viewed as a method of disease prevention. In Naturopathy, the fundamental healing force is considered to be nature itself, that is the power of the individual to defeat disease.

Correspondnce courses in Naturopathy, Ayurveda, massage and other forms of natural medicine worldwide. Naturopathy is primarily and fundamentally drugless and blood-less yet in its broader aspects it does admit the use of both natural medicine and surgery when their use is constructive. The techniques employed in nature cure vary with the experience of its practitioner.

Naturopathy helps to prevent many common diseases such as headaches, the common cold, hypertension, peptic ulcers and many of the disorders associated with ageing, including diabetes. It aims at educating people about adopting the type of lifestyle which is conducive to good health.

Treatment methods

The treatment methods of naturopathy are so many that a practitioner can become a specialist in any one particular area.

  1. Treatment based on Nutrition and diet. A nutritionist recommends a healthy diet for each person which may include the use of vitamin and mineral supplements for deficiencies.

  2. Counseling and lifestyle alteration which may be of particular value in relieving psychological behavioral and emotional problems as well as physical ailments. The treatment may include hypnotherapy, relaxation techniques and the use of imagery with suggested adjustments in daily living. Other helpful measures may include colour, music and dance therapy.

  3. Methods to control and reduce stress including exercise, relaxation techniques, modification of diet and the use of supplements particularly to support the adrenal gland.

  4. Detoxification-The use of short periods of fasting or controlled diets and supplements to aid the natural processes by which the body rids itself of toxic substances.

  5. Herbal medicine- using plants and their natural products for healing.

  6. Homeopathy - a healing method based on the principle of 'like cures like'.

  7. Hydrotherapy using water as a healing agent.

  8. Physical therapies including massage, Chiropractic, Osteopathy and Cranial osteopathy, Therapeutic exercises and soft tissue manipulation such as rolfing.

  9. Acupuncture and other oriental therapies

  10. Exercise forms a part of almost all methods of treatment.

  11. Yoga


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