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Omicron Alert: New Rules for Arrivals and Airports in India at 5 Points

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Omicron Alert: New Rules for Arrivals and Airports in India at 5 PointsOmicron Warning: New Regulations for India and 5 Airports
COVID19 Omicron: Rules for Air Passengers Arriving to India from Countries Considered at Risk and Non-Dangerous Countries are as follows.
New Delhi: People arriving to India by air from Countries where a new strain of Omicron coronavirus has been found must comply with certain entry rules. India announced this to contain the spread of new strains during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Here are some key information about international arrivals to India on the Omicron issue.

1)     All international passengers arriving in India must complete a self-declaration form and present a negative RTPCR test report. If either of these two conditions is not met, you will not be able to enter India.

2)     If you are entering from a high-risk country such as South Africa, you must submit a sample for RTPCR test when entering India. People who test positive are sent to quarantine, and their samples are sent for genome sequencing, a method of examining the composition of an organism. If a person is infected with the Omicron strain, stricter quarantine rules apply.


3)     People who test negative from “high risk” countries must self-isolate for 7 days. They will be retested on the 8th day.


4)     People from countries considered not at risk are randomly sampled for RTPCR testing. However, a sample from a person who tests positive is sent for genome sequencing and the person is quarantined.


5)     It is recommended that those who enter from a risk-free country and who test negative are closely monitored for at least 2 weeks.

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