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Clothing Gift Ideas

While selecting appropriate apparel for a person you have to keep in mind the age, gender and taste of the recipient. Here are some suggestions


  • You can give a shirt. It can be formal or casual. They come in various types of fabrics-cotton, linen, silk etc. Depending on the taste of the person you can give him checks, stripes or plane shirts. The color can be bold or sober varying according to the person.

  • Trousers come in various varieties. You can give formal pleated trousers that have a nice fall or rugged Khakis and Chinos. For persons who are interested in adventure and camping you can give trousers that have additional pockets on their sides for keeping flashlights, Swiss knife etc.

  • Everyone likes jeans. Though shades of blue are most popular black and camel colored jeans look cool too.

  • You can give jackets. They make one look trendy and smart. You can gift leather jacket, tweed jacket etc.

  • You can give suits. They add to the personality of a man. You can give a double-breasted suit or a normal one depending upon the taste of a person. Navy blue, black and brown are the colors that suit the men most. The fabric can have checks, stripes or self-patterned designs.

  • Apart from the above clothing you can gift night suits, bathroom gowns, shorts, T-shirts, hats, ties etc.


  • You can give a skirt and a top. Depending on the figure and attitude of the lady you can choose an appropriate skirt and top. If she has a sexy and svelte figure and no holds bar attitude you can gift a short skirt and low-cut top that reveals a hint of cleavage.

  • For working executives you can gift a suit-coat and trousers. It would enhance their persona.

  • You can choose from a variety of gowns-off shoulders, backless, one with strings etc.

  • You can gift winter wear such as jackets, cardigans, sweaters, overcoats, and scarves.

  • Other apparels that you can gift are bathrobes, nightgowns, lingeries, and swimsuits.


Colorful and bright colored clothes look best on the kid. For girls you can gift frocks, skirts, tops, gowns, jeans, Capri etc. For boys you can gift shirts, trousers, jeans, shorts, tracksuits, caps etc.


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