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Retirement Gift Ideas

Retirement is a very important stage in any person's life. After working day and night all throughout his life when a person bids adieu to the job he just wants to relax and have a cool time. By that time a person has fulfilled all his responsibilities and looks forward to indulge in those activities and hobbies that he earlier couldn't because of lack of time or finances. But retirement is a very critical stage. Some persons loose self-esteem considering that they are no longer working. It is time to reassure all such persons that they still mean a lot to us and that their experience and guidance means a lot to us.

  • You can convey your feelings through gifts. Gifts should be given keeping in mind the likes and dislikes of the individual concerned.

  • Suppose the person concerned is interested in gardening. You can gift him gardening tools or books on gardening.

  • Some persons are travel buff. You can gift them a travel package to their favorite destination.

  • You can gift a club membership or library membership to retired persons so that they continue to socialize and meet members of their peer group,

  • Old age brings with itself lots of health related problems. You can gift a medical insurance policy to retired persons.

  • If someone is interested in sports you can gift him sporting gear such as golf sticks, tennis racket etc. depending on the interest of the person.

  • With growing life span the financial needs of old persons are growing. You can gift an annuity or retirement plan.

  • Gift a rocking armchair on which they can sit and read some nice book.


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