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Boyfriends Gift Ideas

Boyfriends are poor species. They bear all your tantrums, cajole you when you are angry (often unreasonably) and are there to help you whenever you need them. You often take them for granted. But deep down in your heart you have abundant love for them. You can manifest your love through gifts. Here are some gift ideas

  • For a change take your boyfriend out on a long drive. Share some moments of solitude together.

  • If your boyfriend is overweight you can inspire him to lose weight by gifting her a tracksuit and a pair of jogging shoes.

  • It is said that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. Prepare his favorite dishes and invite him to your home for a candle light dinner. Alternatively you can give him a treat at his favorite restaurant.

  • If you feel that your boyfriend needs to work on certain aspects of his personality you can gift him a personality development book.

  • You can gift a wallet along with your photograph to him.

  • You can gift him a good luck charm- his birthstone based on astrological calculations, Feng Shui articles, amulets et al.

  • If your boy friend is a sport enthusiast gift him his favorite sporting gear or membership of a sports club.

  • Gift him something that would add to his personality-a formal shirt, tie, tiepin, cuff link or a nice pen.

  • You can gift a nice photo frame along with a lovely photograph of both of you together.

  • Gift him men's toiletries, shaving kit etc.


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