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Home furnishing includes furniture, fabric for curtains, cushions etc. and home décor accessory. Accessories include works of art, wall hanging depicting landscapes or flowers or still life and decorative items that can be kept on the mantelpiece etc. It is these home décor accessories that add that special touch to your home and make it unique. Accessories reflect your personality and add a personal touch to the house. This decoration and arrangement of the interior that makes your home the most comfortable place on the surface of the earth. Here are a few suggestions on how you can decorate your house.

  • Use artwork as home décor wall accessory. Artworks reflect your personality. Pictures of horizontal landscape widen room; floral pictures give an illusion of height, using such pictures will change the shape of the room if placed properly.
  • While hanging small pictures cluster them together to create the image of a single unit and hang at eye level.
  • Large pictures must be positioned in proportion to the furniture in the room and hang them at eye level.
  • Carefully placed mirrors can create the illusion of space. In a dark room, hanging a decorative mirror near the window, ill allow the mirror to reflect the light from the window, thus lighting up the room.
  • By using different types of lights you can create different moods in different rooms of the house.
  • Use flowering pots to decorate your house. You can select flowers according to the color of the rest of the room. You can use artificial flowers, silk flowers or dried flowers also as part of your home décor.
  • Flowers and potted plants add a natural touch to the house and make it more appealing.
  • Using area rugs will add color and warmth to the room. Use contrasting colors on wooden floors and the room will come alive.
  • Use cushions for a warm and cozy feeling in the house. Scatter them on the area rug; use them on couches, sofas and beds. Use cushion made of different material and in bright colors.

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