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The first thing that you need to do, before you start furnishing your house, is to decide on a home furnishing style. Once you decide on a style it is easier to choose the furnishings and accessories that suit that style. Given below is a general overview of a few home furnishing styles, which you can consult before deciding on a particular style.

Cottage Style:
The word cottage brings to mind a quaint little house, with a white picket fence, tucked away in the countryside or by a lake. For this style:

  • Use white couches and chairs or white wicker furniture and for the cushions use floral prints.
  • Paint the house in pastel shades.
  • Use soft lighting and use dimmers if necessary.
  • For curtains use sheer fabric or gauze. This will create the ambience of a cottage.
  • Place antique accessories around the house.
  • Use patchwork quilts as throws.

Mediterranean Style:

This style of home furnishing is associated with the Italian and French styles.

  • Use warm colors like earth colors or yellow.
  • Use fabric with simple patterns in blue enhanced with a little gold.
  • Use natural wood furniture
  • Decorate with pictures of flowers especially sunflower and ships.

Oriental Style:
This style involves using simple and sleek Oriental patterns.

  • While trying to create this style remember less is more.
  • Use little furniture.
  • Use tables made of teak wood and lacquer and coffee tables.
  • Furnish with Oriental rugs, silk fabric with Oriental prints.
  • Use pictures of dragons, cherry blossoms and Japanese seascapes.

Traditional Style:
This style is the original classic home furnishing style, which is elegant but not loud.

  • Use fabric with floral prints for curtains, cushions, couches, sheets etc.
  • You can use plaids and damasks for furnishing as well.
  • Use heavy material to make curtains.
  • Use mahogany for furniture.
  • Decorate with china, crystal.
  • Used framed landscapes to decorate walls.

Victorian Style:
This style is the beautiful and grand styles used in the mansions in England during the Victorian period.

  • Use furniture that is small and elegant like couches and armchairs.
  • Use silk fabric for cushions in stripes and with simple floral patterns.
  • You can use velvet and rich brocades for furnishing your home.
  • Decorate with porcelain and dried flowers.

Choose a style that you like and that reflects your personal style and use it to furnish your home.


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