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Baby birds are generally not raised by humans and whenever possible should be raised by the bird’s parents. If you decide to take on the project of raising a baby bird that has been left behind by its parents, be prepared for a full time commitment for the next 4 -8 weeks.

Baby birds require immediate attention such as a low wattage light source for heat or a heating blanket. The bird will need to be fed every 45 minutes during the daytime hours for about 4.-6 weeks. Baby birds can be nourished by placing the food directly into their open beaks. Foods such as water saturated cat food or dog food can be used to nourish the baby bird. To feed the bird, use a drinking straw by placing the straw into the cat food or dog food mush and holding your finger over the opposite end of the straw – creating a suction to pick up the food. Place the straw into the open beak and let the food slide into the baby bird’s mouth. Continue to feed the bird until it stops gaping (begging for food). When the bird is approximately 6 weeks old, it will begin to self feed. Baby Birds should be exposed to its natural foods as soon as it is ready to self feed.

When feeding a baby bird, it’s important to remember not to give it milk or other liquids. Milk can cause diarrhea and other liquids can actually drowned the bird. The bird will get sufficient liquid from the water saturated dog food or cat food.

Keep the bird clean and in a quiet location in a box that is safe from predators and children.


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